Greece: Kos & the unexplored islands

9 days (8 nights)
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Nature and Adventure 70%
Monuments and History 20%
Relax 50%
City and Culture 30%
Party & Nightlife 40%

Forget the beaten paths and the tourist routes: we’ll dive into the secluded waters of the islands of Kos, Kalymnos and Leros. These islands will conquer our hearts with their white sand beaches, hidden bays, and breathtaking sunsets over the Aegean Sea. Get ready to fall in love with the unexplored side of Greece. It won’t be just sunbathing and swimming though, we will also explore the inland, go kayaking, and spend a relaxing day on a boat. This is an adventure with a little of everything, and we’ll return home with lots of memories and a bunch of new friends. Ready to discover Greece? 

Travel Mood

This tour is all about the local culture, exploring the islands, and relaxing on the beach, which means you’ll probably only need comfy clothes, your best swimsuits, and the desire to have some fun!

Travel Difficulty

The travel difficulty is not high and all activities are optional. We will travel by ferry from island to island, so you’ll need a practical and space-saving suitcase! Availability to drive is required.

Grecia 9 days
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£ 899
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Kos: Welcome to Greece

Day 1 - details

Round trip flights are not included so that you can choose from where, when, and with whom you want to fly. All of that is up to you!

Hotel check-in and welcome meeting. We start this trip the best way possible: with food! We’ll look for the best taverna we can find and have our first taste of the amazing Greek food - from grilled feta to Greek salad and gyros, we’ll have one of everything, please!


Hello Kalymnos!

Day 2 - details
From Kos to Kalymnos

It’s not the time for the beach just yet (but no worries, we’ll get there!): this morning we say goodbye to Kos and take a ferry to reach Kalymnos. This island is a lot wilder than Kos, proving a popular destination for hikers and outdoorsy types, including climbing and bouldering. We arrive in Pothia, the main city of the island, and get ready to properly start our trip: we check-in, pick up our rental cars and find a spot to have some lunch. So, who’s ready to discover Kalymnos?

Welcome to Kalymnos

This afternoon we’ll take a stroll on the seafront, or visit the sponge factory - the economy of Kalymnos was once all about sponge production! If we’re not feeling either of those options, we can simply wear our swimsuits and go to the beach to finally enjoy the sea and the sun. We’ll be sure not to miss the sunset - the very first one of this trip - and then head back to the hotel to get ready for our welcome dinner. Who will do the first toast? Let’s raise a glass to us and this amazing adventure we’re about to embark on!

Included: car rental and welcome dinner Money Pot: ferry transfer from Kos to Kalymnos, petrol and admission fees if any Not included: food and beverages

Discovering Kalymnos

Day 3 - details
Which activity will we choose?

It’s early morning here in Kalymnos: we have a lot to do, and we don’t want to miss a thing! There are many beaches that simply can’t be missed, so we start from there, and then decide what to do with the rest of our day. If we are feeling adventurous, we can take a climbing lesson or rent some kayaks and explore the island from a new perspective. They say that around here it’s even possible to see dolphins, so we cross our fingers and lscour the waves… hopefully, it will be our lucky day!

Included: car rental Money Pot: petrol, optional activities and admission fees if any Not included: food and beverages

Arriving in Leros

Day 4 - details
On the road to Leros

Time to say goodbye to Kalymnos: this morning we’ll hop on another ferry to Leros. According to Greek mythology, Leros is the birthplace of Artemis, the goddess of the hunt. As soon as we arrive, we’ll go to Agia Marina, which will be our “base camp” for the next two days, and start exploring our surroundings with the Pandeli Castle. From there we’ll have an incredible view of the city and the sea from above - get your cameras out, it’s time to take the perfect group selfie! We can stay up here until sunset - we don’t need to remind you that’ll be epic, but who’s complaining? We then go back to the city centre and enjoy a relaxed evening amongst ourselves.

Included: ferry transfer from Kalymnos to Leros and hotel transfer Money Pot: admission fees if any Not included: food and beverages

Boat tour around Leros

Day 5 - details
Tra le acque di Leros

Things not to forget today: sunscreen and sunglasses! A full-day boat tour awaits us: we’ll discover Leros the best way possible: by exploring its hidden beaches and undiscovered coves. We’ll pop on our swimsuits and get ready to jump in the blue water of the Greek sea. We’ll have the full day to relax, sunbathe, and enjoy each other’s company - maybe we’ll be able to see the sunset from the boat as well, how magical would that be? Furthermore, we’ll get back just in time for a quick shower, before finding a taverna to tuck into more delicious Greek food - have we tried the moussaka yet?

Included: full-day boat tour and lunch Money Pot: local transportation and admission fees if any Not included: food and beverages

Back to Kos

Day 6 - details
Kos all over again

For the early birds, there’ll be time for a last swim in Loros’ waters in the morning, while the sleepyheads can enjoy an extra hour in bed (no judgement here!). We get to the harbour to take the last ferry of the trip, which will bring us back to Kos. So let’s enjoy this last ride and the magical view of the Greek sea. Once we arrive in Kos, we’ll pick up our rental cars, check-in into our hotel and finally start exploring the island.

Spa time?

No beach time today though: we drive inland to visit the villages of Lagoudi Zia and Antimachia. We’ll get the chance to see how Kos looked like in the past, way before tourism changed its panorama. Lagoudi Zia and Antimachia are mountain villages with an incredible view of the island - there are many trekking and hiking paths, so we can take one and see where it’ll lead us! After a good sweat, what better way to reward ourselves than with a good spa? Here in Kos, there’s a beach where hot water flows naturally from the mountain - the temperature is pretty high (about 50°C), so we’ll better wait for the sun to set in order to avoid the hot weather of the daytime. Swimsuits out, we’re ready to enjoy the starry night from this natural spa: who’s in?

Included: ferry transfer from Leros to Kos and car rental Money Pot: petrol and admission fees if any Not included: food and beverages

Exploring southern Kos

Day 7 - details
Let’s go south

Our plan for today is to head south and explore the beaches in the southern part of the island. First on our itinerary are Agios Stefanos Beach and Paradise Beach, which are sure to be little heavens on earth given the names! There’s not much on the agenda: sunbathing, swimming, diving - basically, enjoying the beach! After a full day in the sun, we head back to Kos Town to enjoy the local nightlife: this island is pretty renowned for it, so let’s hit the dance floor - don’t worry there won’t be any need to set an alarm for tomorrow morning, we promise!

Included: car rental Money Pot: petrol and admission fees if any Not included: food and beverages

Relax in Kos

Day 8 - details
Key word: RELAX

We promised that today there will be no rush to get up, the keyword is ‘relax’! We can decide how to spend our last hours on Kos together, so any suggestions are more than welcome! We’ll hit the shore for a final day at the beach, sunbathing, and doing water activities. Or, we can take a ferry and go to Nisyros, a little island close to Kos with few inhabitants, and a dormant, active volcano. Whatever we decide to do, one thing is certain: tonight we’ll have our farewell dinner, which will be the perfect and final time to enjoy each other’s company. Let’s have a toast: to us, and to this adventure that we shared!

Included: car rental and farewell dinner Money Pot: petrol and admission fees if any Not included: food and beverages

Time to say goodbye

Day 9 - details

Time to go back home: see you again on your next WeRoad adventure!

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Tour price

What’s included
  • Accommodation in shared bedrooms with private bathroom;
  • Welcome dinner;
  • Car rental in Kos and Kalymnos
  • Ferry transfer from Kalymnos to Leros
  • Full-day boat tour in Leros
  • Ferry transfer from Leros to Kos
  • Farewell dinner
  • Travel Coordinator services

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  • Round trip flight to/from destination;
  • Food and beverages when not specified
  • All the extras you'll be able to fit in your backpack
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  • Local transports
  • Petrol
  • Coordinator's money pot share
  • All extra activities that each member of the group agrees on doing, including the coordinator's fee

The Money Pot is approximately 100 pounds and is collected on-site by the Coordinator. The amount of the Money Pot may change due to the number of activities that the group decides to do. The spare money (if any) will be returned at the end of the trip.

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