Mexico: the Yucatan of the Maya

13 days (12 nights)
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If we think about a tour in Mexico, we immediately think of Mariachis singing "Cielito Lindo",  tasty tacos, bright and colourful sombreros, breathtaking chillies, maracas and inebriating tequila, right? Yes, in our itinerary we will see all this. Not only that: this guided tour will take you to discover the real Mexico, with its colonial cities, its mangrove jungles and its crystalline water cenotes. In this group trip, we'll discover the paradisiacal Playa del Carmen with its golden beaches. And guess what? We'll snorkel in the Caribbean coral reef in Tulum. Mexico holds majestic and sometimes surreal landscapes that are to die for!

We'll discover the Mayan mysteries linked to the pyramids and hidden temples. We'll enjoy dream beaches that take us on a journey between suggestion and reality that ends up in the modern city of nightlife, Cancun.

Travel mood

During this trip, there are days of pure relaxation and the pace is quite calm. A travel backpack is mandatory - let’s say it’s better if you leave your big luggage at home as there are 10 hotel changes.

Travel Difficulty

This trip is not particularly hard as walking to the Mayan sites requires a minimum physical effort. The ascent to the temples is optional.

Yucatan 13 days
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Day 1 - details
Welcome to Mexico!

Roundtrip flights are not included in the TO Services so that you can choose where from, when and with whom you want to fly. All of that is up to you!

Hotel check-in in Cancun and welcome dinner. We warm up the engines immediately and go out to discover Cancun nightlife. There is already an air of celebration, so we won't hold back: tacos, guacamole and… tequila for everyone! Cheers!

Included: welcome dinner.


Day 2 - details
Everything is tinged with pink!

We are ready to get off our adventure in Mexico on the right foot: say goodbye to Cancun and let's hit the road! Today's first stop is a small paradise on earth: we stop in Las Coloradas, in the Rio Lagartos biosphere reserve. The water of the lagoon and the salt pans has a very particular colour: it is pink! Do you know why? This is due to the tiny crustaceans that release a substance that colours the water. Get ready with cameras and mobile phones: we are sure everyone will enjoy taking pictures of this pink hotspot - even the wallflowers out there!

Ek Balam

Soon after lunch, we are headed to Ek Balam but before visiting the site we take a break: we stop to swim in a cenote, the caves where freshwater pools are formed. The perfect way to fight the heat of the central hours of the day! Then we begin our journey to discover the Maya from the ancient city of Ek Balam. Its name in the ancient Mayan language means "black jaguar" - no wonder why it is a powerful city, rich in paintings, vaults and murals. We climb the main Acropolis, 32 meters high to admire the archaeological site from above - the view is unique!

Towards the evening we arrive in Valladolid, where we stop for the night.

Included: a minivan with driver, boat excursion to Rio Lagartos. Not included: food and beverages

Chichén Itzá

Day 3 - details
Discover Valladolid

We take a short tour of Valladolid this morning, taking a stroll in the centre of this charming town. Let's start with the colonial Francisco Canton Square, the centre of everything: here the atmosphere is magical and we'll feel like living in a Zorro film! We can then visit the majestic San Servasio cathedral, originally dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and then to San Gervasio. We also visit the Convent of San Bernardino of Siena, characterised by colourful external murals and the Iglesia de Candelaria. Since we are already starting to feel warm… let's dive into a cenote! Today we visit Xkeken and Samula, among the most beautiful (and photographed) in Mexico.

One of the 7 Wonders of the World: Chichén Itzá

We leave to discover one of the most beautiful and well-preserved archaeological sites in the world, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as one of the Seven Wonders of the World: Chichén Itzá.
Despite violent wars, Chichén Itzá has been preserved and it remains one of the best examples of Mayan construction in the world. Here we can pretend to play in one of the largest Pelota Fields (a sport similar to football practised by the Maya) in the whole Yucatan. During the spring and autumn equinoxes, a fascinating optical effect makes the god Kukulkan, a feathered serpent, seem to descend from the staircase of the Kukulkan temple (365 steps). But don't worry, we'll be here at the right time to see this spectacle! In the evening we reach another enchanting colonial city, Izamal, the magical pueblo of Mexico, where we spend the evening.

Included: minivan with driver and admission fees to Cenote Money Pot: admission fees to Chichén Itzá Not included: food and beverages


Day 4 - details
Visita a Izamal

We spend the first part of the day discovering the picturesque Izamal. It's called the "yellow city" because the buildings are painted in saffron yellow. Here we can see the melting-pot of three different cultures, the Mayan, the Spanish and the Mexican. We visit the four great pyramids, the Convent of Sant'Antonio da Padova and the atrium - the second-largest arcaded courtyard in the world! And after so much culture...we go into one of the many workshops, where we can stock up on local handicraft products.

Merida and mezcal

If you want, in the afternoon, we'll have the chance to discover the ruins of Kinich Kak Moo - here we can't wait to climb the pyramid to see the breathtaking view so...let’s fully experience this magic moment in contact with nature!
We then continue towards Merida where we'll make a short tour of the city: we take a nice walk around the historic centre, to admire this fortified, modern and cosmopolitan city, full of museums, art galleries, restaurants and shops. Merida is called the "white city" because the buildings and monuments are made of a very clear limestone. even if its inhabitants say that the reason is the cleanliness of the city. In the evening, Merida comes alive with stalls and music…So it's time to make a nice toast with the traditional Mezcal…Cheers to the bravest who's going to get the worm!

Included: a minivan with driver Not included: food and beverages


Day 5 - details
Ancora Maya!

Today we set off to Uxmal, an archaeological site of inestimable beauty. As soon as we arrive we immediately feel an aura of mystery that will accompany us throughout the visit. It is said that if you clap your hands in front of the steep staircase of the Temple of the Soothsayer, you will hear the chirping of the sacred bird of the Maya, the Quetzal. Are we sure about it? Let's clap our hands and we'll find out! Uxmal means "city built three times" and it seems that once a king who could even predict the future lived in this Mayan temple.

In several temples, we admire the mask of Chaac, the god of rain, who asks the sky for its arrival. And...beware of prying eyes! Yes, because fascinating iguanas will follow us throughout our journey, keeping us company.

Towards Campeche

In the afternoon we move to discover the Lol Tun caves, which have very ancient origins. Inside the caves, you can admire rock paintings dating back to the Maya - but in reality, the human presence here dates back to the Pleistocene (cat, mammoth and bison bones have been found)! After the visit, we continue our adventure and head towards Campeche, where we'll spend the night.

Included: a minivan with a driver Money Pot: admission fees Not included: food and beverages


Day 6 - details
An easy peasy day

We have a little confession to make: tomorrow is gonna be a busy day, so...why don't we take it slow by having an easy peasy day?
We can spend our time discovering some other gems about the Mayan civilization: we can visit the Museum of Mayan masks, given our view in Calakmul tomorrow, or go to the archaeological area of ​​Edzna. The site is beautiful and less crowded than many others in this area, so we'll have the opportunity to explore it with a little peace. We return to Campeche in the evening, so what a better way to have some food together! We are finally able to try out some specialties of the local cuisine. Then, we can spend the evening walking around the streets of the city or the beautiful promenade.

Included: a minivan with a driver Money Pot: admission fees Not included: food and beverages


Day 7 - details
Welcome to the jungle!

Our van takes us to the heart of the Yucatan in the Xpujil area in about 4 hours. We'll spend our day discovering the beauties of Calakmul, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Consisting of over a thousand buildings, the “two stone giants” with a height of over 50 meters certainly stand out. Climbing the 115 steps of the first and 150 of the second is tiring, but we will be rewarded by the wonderful view of the jungle surrounding them.

Green is all around us: unlike the sites seen so far, Calakmul rises in the middle of Central America lush nature - a spectacle for eyes and soul!
We then return to Xpuijil, tired but with a mind already full of incredible memories. The first part of the trip is over, now let's focus on living the rest of the days in Mexico to the fullest!

Included: a minivan with driver Money Pot: admission fees Not included: food and beverages


Day 8 - details
Ocean or lagoon?

We are not in a hurry this morning - we can take it easy! For those who haven't had enough of the wonderful Mayan sites in the Yucatan yet, we can also visit the archaeological area of ​​Balamku, where a 20-meter painted frieze is perfectly preserved. 

Or maybe, if we want to get some vitamin sea, we can say goodbye to the hinterland and arrive in Bacalar to finally get a first taste of what awaits us in the coming days.

Included: a minivan with driver Money Pot: admission fees Not included: food and beverages


Day 9 - details
Ruins with sea view

A great classic not to be missed about 3 hours from Bacalar is undoubtedly Tulum. Thanks to the stronghold, the white sand beach and crystal clear waters it has become one of the most representative places in Mexico. Guess what? We can't miss it! We leave in the late morning and then we visit the Archaeological Site of Tulum. Not only that. We also visit the Templo de las pinturas, El Castillo, the great pyramid located in a strategic position, the Temple of Dios del Viento, El Palacio, Templo de la Estela, Templo of the Dios Descendente.

After the visit we hear the sea calling: let's put our swimsuit on and take a dive in the ocean!! The perfect way to end our day. Then…how about spending the evening in Tulum? We have the day off tomorrow so let's take advantage of it...cheers to us!

Included: a minivan with driver and admission fees to the archaeological site of Tulum Not included: food and beverages


Day 10 - details
Ocean or cenotes?

Welcome to paradise! Today we have the whole day to organize the activities that we like best: this area offers activities for all tastes. We can spend part of the day immersing ourselves again in history - in case we didn't visit the Mayan sites yesterday. If you wish, we can go to the beach to work on our tan. Or...are you in the mood for a little more adrenaline-pumping adventure? The cenotes are just around the corner - just saying. It's really up to us. We spend this evening in Tulum too - and we certainly won't go to bed early, are we?

Money pot: local transports, admission fees and excursions Not included: food and beverages

A day in Lombok: time to enjoy Sengiggi beach one last time

Days 11-12 - details
Let’s enjoy the ocean!

These are the last days in Mexico to enjoy the beach - so let’s make the best of them!

We return to Cancun and, depending on the day and the season, we decide what to do - there are different excursions and activities. From mid-May to mid-September we can experience the thrill of swimming with whale sharks - no, no cage because these giants of the sea are harmless! We can take a catamaran excursion to Isla Mujeres - again there will be an opportunity to snorkel but don't sharks involved this time! - or we can go to some other island nearby, the options are endless!

On the last day, a farewell dinner awaits us: we load up on tacos, tortillas, cerveza, tequila and get on the dancefloor at Coco Bongo. Let’s raise your glasses and toast our Mexican adventure!

Included: a minivan with driver and farewell dinner Money pot: local transports, admission fees and excursions Not included: food and beverages

Time to say goodbye

Day 13 - details
Check-out and farewell

Time to say goodbye: see you in your next WeRoad adventure!

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