Medical and Baggage Insurance - all you need to know!

We like travelling, and that’s a fact. You know what else we like? Travelling safely. This is why we include Travel Insurance in all our trips - and on this page, you can find a nice summary of everything you need to know about it. Usually, insurance stuff is kind of boring (even though it’s essential), that’s why we thought a summary would make you happy. If you love to read though, you can find all the details about your Travel Insurance in this PDF!

Medical and baggage insurance included in the price of each WeRoad trip covers all services included in the package. We use the insurance policy of Inter Partner Assistance S.A. - and the limits are:

  • Medical coverage

    • Italy: €10.000,00

    • Europe: €20.000,00

    • World: €30.000,00

    • USA/Canada: €50.000,00

In case of theft, robbed, broken, damaged and lost luggage:

  • Worldwide: €500

Luggage delivery > 12 h

  • Worldwide: €150

Third party liability

  • Worldwide: €100.000,00

Full policy details can be found here.

If for any reason you want to increase your level of security or insure yourself on the days of arrival/stay at your destination beyond the dates of your WeRoad trip, you can purchase an additional policy.

Note: We remind you that if you decide to purchase an additional policy not linked to WeRoad, it is not possible to eliminate or deduct medical and luggage insurance from the WeRoad travel fare. Our insurance policy only covers the services issued within the WeRoad travel, this means that international flights are not insured as well as any medical issue already present before the departure.