WeRoad for your company

Employee benefits, team retreats, and events: ways we can collaborate

Travel as a benefit

Hey there! If you're a company searching for some cool stuff to do with your team, like hooking them up with exclusive discounts or setting up themed events or team building retreats, then you're in luck! This is the place to be.

But first, a refresher: what is WeRoad?

Leave alone and meet new friends
WeRoad brings together strangers who quickly become friends: it's our secret recipe for the perfect trip!
Choose from many destinations
The world is out there waiting to be discovered, and we have itineraries for all tastes: just choose the right mood!
Travel with a small group
A max of 15 people per group, with the same travel mood and the same age range - so you make friends quickly!
The coordinator is your best friend!
All groups are led by a coordinator, who is not a guide but an experienced travel companion!

WeRoad and your company: what can we do together?

Company retreats & team building

Do you want to organize a company retreat? We can share some options! You can choose between:

Your team can be divided into groups, each accompanied by a selected WeRoad Coordinator.

Employee benefits & rewards

We can offer you and your colleagues:

  • A WeRoad trip as a reward for your employees

  • Inclusion of exclusive WeRoad discounts

  • Support from one of our sales team members specifically designated for your company

Community: we bring WeRoad to your office!

We like to engage and we're good at it! For this reason, we can also:

  • Organize WeMeets in your office, to talk face to face about your next trip

  • Create events and activities for your team (like day trips, paintballing)

  • Design and create themed spaces in your office (fancy working on the beach? We'll make it happen!)

  • A speaker who comes to your office to talk about the WeRoad world

  • A newsletter to inform your team about WeRoad benefits