Become a Travel Coordinator

Explore the world and meet new friends

Why should you become a Travel Coordinator?

It's not that easy to explain, but let's try to sum it up with 3 hashtags: #TravelTheWorld #MeetCoolPeople, and #PersonalGrowth.

We are a community of passionate travellers, in love with the world and hungry to make new friends. We wear the Travel Coordinator t-shirt only once or twice a year to explore the world, meanwhile, we do other types of jobs the rest of the year.

For us, every trip is a chance to feel something, like really feel something. We lead groups of people that are just like us, eager to discover faraway countries and foreign cultures. 

The greatest satisfaction always comes on the very last day of our trips. It’s on that day that we look into the eyes of the people we travelled with and realise that we went from being total strangers to having new friends that explore the world together.

Curious to know what a WeRoad experience looks like?

Travel the world

As a Travel Coordinator, you'll always travel with all expenses covered: intercontinental flights, accommodation, food and beverages, transfers and activities on site. You'll also receive compensation for your work.

Share experiences

The most exciting part of this "job"? We say it's your fellow travellers: sharing a passion for travel with them, having long conversations about everything, and living incredible experiences. Also seeing them getting out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves, and always tackling small and big problems with a smile on their face.

Meet new friends

You'll get to know a lot of different people who share the same love for travel that you do: a community of Travel Coordinators, WeRoad team members, and above all, the WeRoaders. The heart of our trip, you'll share  unforgettable adventures and become lifelong friends with your fellow travellers. 

You will also...

Choose where and when
You'll be the one telling us where and when you want to travel. Maybe you are available just for one trip a year, or you'd like to commit fully and make this your full-time job (and what a job!). Either way, you're more than welcome to join us.
Be part of a community
Once you are in, you'll be part of the Travel Coordinator community. You'll receive useful advice form fellow Coordinators and be able to share the ups and downs (yes, there are some!) of your role. You'll also be invited to annual meetings and parties organised by WeRoad.
Be able to grow
We believe in personal and professional growth: during your career as a Travel Coordinator, you'll be able to apply to become a Coordinator Guru (i.e. an experienced Travel Coordinator) or a Pioneer (i.e. a Travel Coordinator leading the first tour of a new destination).
Have support 24/7
Before every trip, WeRoad will share all the information you'll need to best experience your adventure. During the trip, the WeRoad Team and your Coordinator Guru will provide support 24/7 if needed. You'll never be by yourself, we've got your back!

Selection Process

Online Form

Fill out the online form and send us a video where you introduce yourself and tell us why you are Travel Coordinator material.

Group Interview

If we see that spark in you, we'll invite you to one of our Group Interviews with other aspiring Travel Coordinators like you.


If the Group Interview goes smoothly, congrats! You now have to get through Bootcamp; a selection weekend where we'll test you but you'll also live a real WeRoad experience and meet many other aspiring Travel Coordinators.

Final Results

Once the Bootcamp is over, you'll receive an email with the final result. If your qualities and skills match our philosophy, we'll welcome you on board and start your adventure as a Travel Coordinator!

Upcoming Group Interviews

Online Group Interview
6pm - 9pm

Upcoming Bootcamps

Bootcamp @ Manchester
From 9am on Saturday 27th April to 5pm on Sunday 28th April.

Are you ready to join this adventure?

Send us your application!

Questions about the application and the role of Travel Coordinator?

Do you want to contact us directly? Email us at [email protected]