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You can't travel solo… Says who?

Why WeRoad? Our goal is to bring as many people together as possible to discover the world: leave the daily grind behind, and get ready to get out of your comfort zone. The WeRoad experience will have you seizing the day and remembering why it’s so good to be alive.

The truth is, travelling with friends can be hard: your itineraries don’t always match up and budgets can differ. While you’re keen to hike the Inca Trail, your friend might want to kick back and relax on a Caribbean beach. It’s times like this when we asked ourselves “why not organise group trips for people that don’t know each other? This way they can travel solo, decide the when, the where, the how, and meet new people once they arrive at the destination?”

Our groups are small, 8 to 15 people: because we like it that way. For us, it’s the perfect group size to build chemistry between travellers, leaving you and your group feeling like you’ve known each other for years. Additionally, one of our Travel Coordinators always travels with the group: to make sure you all have the best possible experience.

Who are WeRoaders, AKA your future travel mates?



Solo travellers


Young professionals

Between 25 and 45 years old



(and independent ones!)



(but hey, this isn’t Tinder!)


Never travelled internationally

(that’s why we are here, duh!)

In case you were wondering, it’s not a “travel-solo-or-stay-home” policy. Travelling solo is not mandatory. If you want, you can join a WeRoad trip with one (or a bunch) of your friends, or even with your partner (some loved-up travellers come for their honeymoon!).


Don’t call us tourists, we are travellers; discovering faraway countries and foreign cultures

We aren’t really about chain hotels with identical rooms, nor are we an “all-inclusive resort” kind of traveller. We prefer diving deep into the culture and the natural world of the place we are visiting. Not only that, but we choose guest houses, small, local-run hotels, comfortable hostels. We rise with the sun so that we can seize every minute, we move around on local transport, and we try local cuisine. We never say no to the chance to meet local people, and we embrace the adventure that awaits off the beaten track; even if it means we have to work a little harder.

It’s for these reasons that a WeRoad experience isn’t for everyone. So please, before booking your trip with us, ask yourself if you really want to spend your holiday in this way. If the answer is yes, make sure you choose your travel mood wisely. Here you’ll find a nifty list with all the values that make a great WeRoader: check them out and see if you recognise yourself in them!


The flight is up to you: we all meet at the destination

Choose where to fly from

Choose when to arrive and leave

Choose whom to travel with

We do not include flights to or from destinations in our package. This is because we don’t want to force you to depart from an inconvenient airport or end up with inefficient layovers and impossible connections. That’s why all of this is up to you: you are free to choose where to fly from, your preferred airline, and your travel dates - because who knows, maybe you’ll want to arrive a little earlier or stay a little longer.

The trip will always start with the first hotel check-in. We thoroughly recommend arriving in the afternoon of the first day of the trip, so you leave enough time to get to the hotel. Check-out is always in the morning on the last day of the trip.

If you don’t want to travel alone and would prefer to share your flights with someone else, you can find a travel mate in our Facebook Group - where you can also find useful advice on how to get ready for your upcoming adventure!


Tour status

Next to every tour on our website, you’ll find a little icon that tells you the status of that tour. There are six tour statues, find the explanations below:

  • Planned

    The tour you picked is scheduled, but it hasn’t yet reached the minimum number of travellers to be confirmed.

  • Almost Confirmed

    There are WeRoaders on board, but a few more are needed for the tour to be confirmed!

  • Confirmed

    You can almost taste it, you just need to book your flight.

  • Almost full

    This tour is almost sold out, so hurry up!

  • Waiting list

    The tour is fully-booked, but if you call us, we can maybe find a spot for you.

  • Sold Out

    Blimey, you are late! This tour is fully-booked.