I'm in the mood for travelling

We all love travelling, but everybody has their style.For every trip on the website, you’ll find icons detailing the 'Travel Mood'. Look for the ones that best describe you before you start your next adventure.

Nature and Adventure

Nature is your calling: it makes you feel alive. It allows you to forget the blur of daily life and recentre yourself and your priorities. You are an adventure-seeker, always looking to see where the next journey will take you. You aren’t afraid of taking risks, or putting in that little extra effort required to reach the summit; because let’s face it, the view from the top is always worth the sweat!

Monuments and History

You were always the best at remembering key dates in history lessons, and you often wonder how hard it would be to build a time machine. Well, why not put the tools down and join one of our trips instead? We’ll promise you the chance to discover ancient civilizations that shaped the world today. Archaeological sites, ancient temples, incredible monuments and hidden treasures: forget the books, it’s time to see it all with your own eyes.


You don’t consider it a proper “holiday” until you’re horizontal for a good part of it. You travel to experience new adventures, sure, but also to unwind and leave all your troubles behind. Not only that, but you crave golden beaches, crystal clear waters, and quiet creeks, where it’s you and your pals enjoying Mother Nature in all her glory. It’s important you’re able to recharge while having fun, so you can go home happy and refreshed. 

Culture and City Life

You love getting lost in the side streets and secret alleyways of a new city. You are a pro at finding the best street food to try, and you’re a sucker for a local market. Likewise, you aren’t afraid to connect with people you meet on your travels, hoping to discover more about them and their culture. Day and night: you’re up for everything the big smoke has to offer, and you’re happy to clock up a few miles walking in search of the local vibe! 

Party and Nightlife

No need to set the alarm, the goal here is to tap into your inner night owl but with a bit more pizazz. You’re keen to discover how people enjoy the nightlife in foreign countries, and are the first to raise a glass to life. You live in the moment, move with the beat, and are always ready to throw shapes on the dance floor, and probably still somehow have enough energy to seize the next day.