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Here at WeRoad, our trips have always been reported through your eyes!

Yep, that's right: we don't like stock images and polished photoshoots. We think that the best content is unfiltered: that's why we always use images and videos made by our WeRoaders - just like you!

If you'd like to share pics and videos from your latest trip (or all the trips you partook in!), we'd greatly appreciate it. How to get started? Follow these simple steps to get started!


  • Photos: max 50 pics already selected by you

  • Videos: a total of 5 minutes max

  • Group photos and selfies/videos

  • Shots in which WeRoad backpacks, coordinator badge or where t-shirt are visible

  • Photos and videos of the most exciting local activities of the trip and must-see places


  • No blurry, dark or very static photos or videos

  • No heavy edited or artificial photos and videos

How to upload your content

in 3 simple steps!

SELECTING: you've probably taken millions of pics and videos and as long as we'd like to see all of them, we don't really have the time. So: choose the best photos and videos of your trip and send us only that!

FILE NAMING: you can upload one or multiple media at a time. Be sure to attach the comment to your assets, so that destinations and coordinators can be identified correctly.

In this order: Coordinator Full Name - Travel Name - Departure Date (year/month/day) - Your Full Name - IG Profile

Example: Archie Williams - Jordan 360° - 20221113 - Anna Harvey - @annahrvy

UPLOADING: you're ready to upload! Click the red button below and start uploading.


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