The WeRoad adventure formula

Why WeRoad is so special

Yes, because everybody is buzzing about “Adventure” but we all know that there could be fifty shades of adventure: it could mean getting into the remote forests of Borneo and being chased by local animals, or rather do a trek off the beaten path to climb the Pico do Papagaio in Brazil. So… here’s our WeRoad adventure formula, because we know that’s all about setting the right expectations in travels.

The Travel Coordinator

We love our Travel Coordinators and we know you will too! When we think of our ‘favourite’ trips, sure we think of some kick-ass destinations, but in all honesty they aren’t our favourites because the scenery was awesome, but rather because of the connections you made or nurtured.
From a logistical perspective, our Travel Coordinators provide a WeRoad presence live during your trips. They manage the itinerary and the relationships with local partners, but from a personal perspective they do so much more! Our coordinators build friendships, boost moods during long transfers, and create some incredible spontaneous moments which make trips. They help you get out of your comfort zone and they also live the whole experience with you.


We aren’t really about chain hotels with identical rooms, nor are we an “all-inclusive resort” kind of tour operator. We prefer diving deep into the culture and traditions of the place we are visiting.

As such, we choose guest houses, small, local-run hotels, and comfortable hostels. We rise with the sun to seize the day, move around on local transport, and eat typical cuisine.

We never say no to the chance to meet local people, and we embrace the adventure that awaits off the beaten track; even if it means if it is a little harder to get there. It’s for these reasons that a WeRoad experience isn’t for everyone. So before booking your trip with us, ask yourself if you really want to spend your holiday in this way! If the answer is yes, make sure you choose your travel mood wisely.


The truth is, travelling with friends can be hard: your itineraries don’t always match up and budgets can differ. Your travel tastes can also be super different! While you’re keen to hike the Inca Trail, your friends might want to kick back and relax on a beach in Ibiza. These clashes were the reason our co-founders asked themselves “why not organise group trips for people that don’t know each other? This way they can decide the when, the where, and be matched up with travel buddies who share similar travel tastes?”

We do not include flights to or from destinations in our package. This is because we don’t want to force you to depart from an inconvenient airport or end up with inefficient layovers and impossible connections. That’s all up to you, your circumstances, and your budget. You are free to choose where to fly from, your preferred airline, and your travel dates - because who knows, maybe you’ll want to arrive a little earlier or stay a little longer.

Lastly, our itineraries always contain free time where groups can decide to stick together and organise extra activities, or have a little alone time before returning to normal life. Is there something you are dying to do in Iceland but that isn’t on our itinerary? If you mention it to your Travel Coordinator, they will try to make it happen.

Solo, not alone

Our group trips are small, with a target of 8 to 15 people, but our community is not! Our group size is designed to build chemistry between travellers, leaving you and your group feeling like you’ve known each other for years by the end of the trip. You already have something in common, the love of adventure and travel. Mix this dynamic with out trips which are designed to have you share epic moments with you travel mates, and you have the perfect formula to make some insanely strong bonds. In our opinion, our favourite trips are made so by the people, not the destination.