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Get ready to discover New York City’s true soul: in this trip, we’ll dive into the Big Apple’s heart!

This group trip to New York City is just the perfect journey to explore this iconic city that seems to be always one step ahead of any other city in the world. We’ll fall in love with Manhattan and its skyscrapers, that tickle the sky, its bridges, squares, monuments, museums, art galleries and parks. Everywhere there’s a place where we can try or taste something new - we must try the famous hot dogs, there’s a stand basically around every corner of the city! After the sun goes down… we’ll live “the city that never sleeps”: music, lights, crowded streets, musicals, rooftop bars and clubs with live bands playing. New York is a place of emotions and we won’t miss any of them!

Mood di viaggio

This is not a relaxed tour since we’ll be walking everyday around the city to discover all that needs to be seen. We won’t change accommodation, meaning we won’t need to pack and pack our luggage many times. 

Please note: to fully appreciate this tour, you should be 21yo and over. That will allow you and the group to enjoy every activity, including entrance to bars and clubs.

Travel difficulty

This trip is not hard and requires walking around the city.

New York 6 days
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Welcome to New York!

Day 1 - details

Roundtrip flights are not included in the TO Services so that you can choose where from, when and with whom you want to fly. All of that is up to you!

Hotel check-in in New York. Ready to start this trip the best way possible? We’re talking about food, obviously. Tonight we’ll have our welcome dinner and we’ll get the chance to have a first taste of American food - hamburgers and fries? Well, we won’t spoil everything, it will be a surprise!

Included: welcome dinner

From Times Square to Brooklyn: city walking tour

Day 2 - details
Times Square and Grand Central Station

Our day starts in Times Square - where else should we be? This is the heart of the Big Apple, with the big screens running ads all day and all night. We must take our first selfie here! Our next stop is Grand Central Station, that’s way more than a simple railway station: it’s the biggest one in the world, set of many movies and shows, and literally a piece of art.

Flatiron Building

Our day continues going south: we reach another famous NYC building that has a very interesting shape: we’re talking about the Flatiron Building! We can then explore the East Village and maybe find somewhere to eat before arriving at the Brooklyn Bridge. There are many café along the Hudson River, it won’t be hard to find one to have lunch.

Brooklyn Bridge and Dumbo

Brooklyn Bridge is for sure one of the symbols of the city: this afternoon we’ll spend some time crossing it! In 1883, the year it was built, this bridge was the longest one in the world: let’s enjoy the traverse and admire Manhattan from a different point of view. On the other side of the river there’s Dumbo, a famous art district where many artists lived in the ‘80s. Nowadays we can find many art galleries and scenic bars - surely we can spend the evening here!

Money Pot: local transports and admission fees if any Not included: food and beverages

Harlem, Broadway and Central Park: art, culture and fun

Day 3 - details

The second full day in New York starts in Harlem: if we’ll be here on a Sunday, we’ll get the chance to assist a gospel mass in the First Corinthian Baptist Church. After singing along with the gospel choir, we’ll get some breakfast - or should we call it brunch? Well, there’s one sure thing: we want to try out some bagels!

Central Park

After a good breakfast/brunch, it’s time to get lost in the New York jungle… Central Park! This park is huge (it’s not just a case that it’s considered the lung of NYC): 843 acres where we can find lakes, bike paths, ponds, baseball fields, flower gardens and even a zoo. Usually it’s crowded with New Yorkers jogging - or simply relaxing on a bench. Keep an eye out for the many squirrels that live here: they’re not scared by humans and always hungry!

Which museum should we choose?

A quick lunch and then we have some time to visit a museum - there are so many here in New York! We can go to the American Museum of Natural History (better not find ourselves here during nighttime, they say that the museum comes to life!) or visit the MoMA, if we’re into art. Then we reach Saint Patrick Cathedral, the biggest gothic cathedral in the USA - it’s weird seeing this old building surrounded by modern ones, but that’s why NYC is so fascinating!

Rockefeller Centre and Theatre District

We end the day in Rockefeller Centre and Rockefeller Plaza - the best time to be here is Christmas, and that’s a fact. Surely you remember the scene from “Home Alone 2” when Kevin finally meets again with his mum? It was shot right here! During Christmas time, beside the famous Xmas tree, there’s also an ice rink, meaning we could do some ice-skating, feeling like we’re in a movie!

Money Pot: local transports and admission fees if any Not included: food and beverages Please note: gospel mass is only on Sundays, hence every turn won’t be able to attend

Ground Zero, Statue of Liberty and Wall Street

Day 4 - details
Ground Zero Memorial

Yesterday we visited the upper side of Manhattan, today it’s time to explore the lower. We arrive in the morning at Ground Zero Memorial, where once the Twin Towers stood. It’s hard to describe how this place makes you feel - one can only be there and live it. We can decide to visit the 9/11 Museum or get on top of the Freedom Tower, currently the tallest building in NYC and the fifth in the world. This area is called the One World Trade Centre and everything is a tribute to 9/11, a day that the USA (and the whole world) will never forget.

One World Trade Centre

The One World Trade Center houses among its complexes the Freedom Tower, the "Tower of Liberty", which is the fifth tallest skyscraper in the world: from its 541 meters and 33 centimeters the view of the city literally takes your breath away and it will be up to us choose whether to go up or not! The number 1776 (feet tall) is not accidental, but represents the year of the United States declaration of independence.

Financial District

Not too far away from the One World Trade Centre, there’s the Financial District. We can have lunch here and then walk around ‘til we find the famous Wall Street. Of course we all know this place - still nowadays, the New York Stock Exchange is one of the most influential in the whole world. Let’s look for the Charging Bull and touch its testicles - it’s good luck, they say!

Ellis and Liberty Islands

We spend the afternoon discovering some other famous highlights of NYC: we can take a ferry and reach Ellis Island, where years and years ago all the people arriving from Europe had to stop before entering the country. Today Ellis Island is a museum - we can look for our last names in the logbooks that are preserved in here and see if some of our ancestors came to the US looking for fortune. Before heading back to Manhattan, we stop on Liberty Island as well to see another symbol of the USA: the Statue of Liberty. And then… how does a drink on a rooftop bar sound?

Included: rooftop bar experience Money Pot: Ellis and Liberty Islands Tours, local transports and admission fees if any Not included: food and beverages

Manhattan: discovering the neighborhoods

Day 5 - details
Little Italy, Chinatown and Soho

This is our last day here in New York and we have so much more to explore, so let’s walk fast and see as much as we can! We start the day in some popular neighborhoods: SoHo is a fancy one where we can look for a café where to have a coffee to go and feel like a real New Yorker. Then we stroll around Little Italy, where there are so many Italian restaurants that it will be hard to choose the best one! For lunch we can stop here or go to Chinatown, where we can enjoy some Chinese food - again, maybe we can opt for a take-out and find a park where we can eat!

Empire State Building and Top of the Rock

The afternoon we go back north and reach the Empire State Building, another famous skyscraper that we saw in so many movies and shows. We can do some souvenirs shopping before getting on the roof of Top of the Rock: from here, we’ll have a 360° view of New York and enjoy an incredible sunset. Last but not least, tonight there’s our farewell dinner: our time in the City is over, but what a time it was! Cheers to this incredible days we shared!

Included: farewell dinner Money Pot: Top of the Rock admission fee, local transports and other admission fees Not included: food and beverages

Time to say goodbye

Day 6 - details
Check out

Time to go back home: see you again on your next WeRoad adventure!

End of services. The itinerary may undergo some variations that differ from what stated above. These variations may not be predictable nor depend on WeRoad’s will, i.e. climate conditions, national holidays, strikes, etc.
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  • Accommodation in shared bedrooms
  • Welcome dinner
  • Rooftop bar experience (day 4)
  • Farewell dinner
  • Travel Coordinator services


What’s not included

  • Roundtrip flight to/from destination
  • Food and beverages when not specified
  • All extras you'll be able to fit in your backpack
  • All not mentioned in "what's included"

Money Pot Includes

  • Local transports
  • Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty tour (day 4)
  • Top of the Rock admission fee (day 5)
  • Tips
  • Coordinator's money pot share
  • All extra activities that each member of the group agree on doing and the coordinator's fee as well

The Money Pot is approximately 150 pounds and is collected on-site by the Coordinator. The amount of the Money Pot may change due to the numbers of activities and extras that the group decides to do. The spare money (if any) will be returned at the end of the trip.

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    Small hotels, hostels or apartments in Manhattan, Jersey City or Brooklyn - all well connected by public transports. 

    No-sharing Room Option is not available for all tours.

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    Public transports and ferry boats.

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    You'll travel with a WeRoad Coordinator, which is more or less the best travel buddy one can wish for.

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