Indonesia: Java, Bali and the Gili Islands

13 days (12 nights)
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A dream trip to Indonesia: thirteen days to discover this incredible multi-faceted country. No wonder why this Southeast Asian gem is the favourite destination for those who love nature, surf and culture! During our tour, we’ll get the chance to swim with sea turtles and surf in the best spots of the Island of the Gods. We’ll visit Buddhist temples and go trekking on Mount Bromo - Indonesia's most famous active volcano! Not only that: we’ll get to know the Balinese, one of the most welcoming and kindest people in the world who will for sure make us feel at home. We’ll travel to Bali, visiting the Ubud Monkey Forest, then heading south to the beaches of Kuta and the spectacular T-Rex cliff. But the Gili Islands will be the cherry on the cake - we promise, they are real heaven on earth!

Are you ready to discover Bali's natural wonders with its mysterious places? See you in Jakarta!

Travel Mood

Enthusiasm, curiosity and adaptability are a must-have for the travelers who want to discover all the secrets of Indonesia. For this reason, a backpack is mandatory - let’s say it’s better if you leave your big luggage at home!

Travel Difficulty

This trip is not too demanding but keep in mind that transfers require several hours.We expect to sleep a few hours in the first few days - but you won’t regret it since we’ll be out for sunrise excursions to some volcanoes! The climbing route to Mount Ijen is of medium difficulty and requires a good level of physical fitness (optional activity). But don’t worry: during the last days, you’ll have the chance to relax on a sunny tropical beach - gin and tonic in hand!

Indonesia 13 days
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Jakarta: welcome to Indonesia, our tour starts here

Day 1 - details

Roundtrip flights are not included in the TO Services so that you can choose where from, when, and with whom you want to fly. All of that is up to you!

Hotel check-in in Jakarta. Time to start this trip right: what a better way than with food? Tonight our welcome dinner awaits us: we'll be able to try out some specialties of the local cuisine. The best way to get to know each other and get ready to experience an amazing adventure.

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In the heart of Java: Yogyakarta and the Borobudur temple

Day 2 - details
Discover Yogykarta

We are headed to our first stop, Yogyakarta. This morning the first transfer awaits us: we reach the central part of the island of Java with an internal flight. One thing is certain: once we arrive in the accommodation we’ll be ready to kick off our adventure among the Indonesian islands!

Prambanan and Borobudur

The first stop is Prambanan, a Hindu temple complex that stretches for miles - it takes a while to explore it completely but it’s worth it! Let’s get ready to visit the complex up to the Shiva temple, the greatest Hindu monument in Indonesia. Brahma temple and Vishnu temple to follow - they are a must too. Just be respectful. After all, we are only visitors and we must respect these sacred places.

Not too far away from Prambanan, we’ll be able to see the magnificent Borobudur, the world's largest Buddhist temple. Built-in the 9th century, the ancient site is one of Indonesia and the world’s most valuable treasures. In the 1970’s Borobudur became a UNESCO World Heritage site. And guess what? We can’t miss the magical sunset on top of the temple, surrounded by 504 Buddha statues: such a perfect touch to end the day!

After a long walk, let’s talk about food. A massive welcome dinner is waiting for us: we'll be able to try out some specialties of the local cuisine. Spoiler alert: nasi goreng, ikan bakar and pepes ikan are to die for!

Included: domestic flight, local transports and welcome dinner. Money Pot: entrance fees Not included: food and beverages when not specified

Discovering East Java up to the slopes of Mount Bromo

Day 3 - details
On the road

Rise and shine dear WeRoaders: we have some traveling to do! We get on the train first and in our minivan next to reach Mount Bromo. Tomorrow we'll be mesmerized by one of the most wonderful sunrises you’ve ever seen, we promise.

We are traveling quite a lot today so...why don’t we make the most of it by getting to know each other a bit better? Or you can take a nap if you wish - we’ll need it as we’ve got a long night ahead of us!

We stop for a lunch break along the way to grab a quick bite and stretch our legs - you know, it doesn’t hurt!

We then continue immersed in the Indonesian natural landscapes, until we arrive at our accommodation near Mount Bromo. Here we have a nice dinner but don’t forget to go to bed early: the alarm clock is set for 2 in the morning - yes, you read that right ... but hey, it’ll be worth it!)

Included: local transports Money Pot: admission fees Not included: food and beverages

Enjoy a breathtaking sunrise at Mount Bromo

Day 4 - details
Sunrise on the volcano

Get up, sleepyheads! I know, the alarm goes off at 2am and we don't have much time to stay under the covers. So let’s put on some warm clothes (you know, it’s quite cold) and we are ready to go. We get in a jeep that will take us almost to the top of the mountain in less than 30 minutes.

We have more or less half an hour of easy walking ahead - of course, it's still dark so we won't have the landscape to distract ourselves but we promise you that time will fly! And guess what? We’ll get right before the sun peeks over the horizon: admiring Mount Bromo that slowly lights up as the sun's rays illuminate it’ll leave us speechless for a while. Let’s fully experience this magic moment in contact with nature.

We then return to our base camp with our eyes still lit up by this incredible dawn. Now it’s time for our next stop, Banyuwangi. Are we tired from this morning's wake up call? It’s all set: we have plenty of time to rest during the transfer! We’re sure you want to take advantage of it because we’ll have another early alarm - but again, it will be worth it!

Included: local transports and Mount Bromo excursion Money Pot: admission fees Not included: food and beverages

From Java to Bali: discovering a new island

Day 5 - details
Kawah Ijen

We wake up in the middle of the night to climb the Ijen volcano. This place is famous for two unique peculiarities: here is the largest acid lake in the world and the blue will-o'-the-wisps!

Getting to the top of the volcano is not difficult but the second part of the route becomes much more demanding.

At this point, we can venture down into the crater to reach the acid lake and admire the surreal wisps of blue flame far below and the sulphurous fumes rising from the depths of the volcano.

Just be careful - as we go down the path is not so visible because of lake gases. We’ll wear masks but don’t worry...if you believe this is too difficult we have good news for you: the descent is optional.

However, if we are brave enough to go into the heart of the volcano we’ll be rewarded: the dawn here has a completely different colour!

Arriving in Bali

Now that we are back to the starting point (the excursion, lasts around 6 hours), we can take our backpacks and set off to Bali.
What are we waiting for? Let's take a ferry towards the most famous Indonesian island!
After regaining some strength, we can decide how to spend our morning: do we want to visit the famous Ulun Danu Beratan temple, or do we feel like going on a swim in the Git Git waterfalls? One thing is certain: we’ll arrive in Ubud in the evening, where we can begin to relax…maybe with a nice massage!

Money Pot: local transports and admission fees Not included: food and beverages

Ubud: Monkey Forest and afternoon yoga

Day 6 - details
Sacred Monkey Forest

We’ll visit a rainforest oasis on the edge of Ubud this morning. The friendly monkeys who’ll try to make friends with us (and above all to steal our food) will attract our attention. Not only that. We’ll be fascinated by the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary: such a wonderful and bizarre temple for the statues of animals and mythological creatures we’ll have the chance to see.

Relaxing afternoon

We spend the rest of the day however we like. Ubud is one of the world capitals for yoga and spirituality, so what better place than this to take a class or enjoying a cooking class? Or we can take a walk among the rice fields: if you aren’t too tired of moving around, the surroundings of the city are full of forests, temples, and waterfalls!

Money Pot: local transports and admission fees Not included: food and beverages

From Ubud to Kuta: a relaxing day!

Day 7 - details
Yoga, temples or swings?

Good morning Bali! Finally, we can take it easy today so let’s relax for the whole day.
Or, in case we haven’t scheduled anything, in particular, you can take the chance to...sleep and recharge yourself after some busy days!
We can do whatever we want today: maybe we can practice some yoga or, for all the history lovers out there, there is a wide choice of temples to visit. Are we looking for the right spot to take the perfect photo? We have time for that too! In the evening we move to Kuta, where we’ll spend the whole day tomorrow.
There’s a dynamic nightlife here so...Shall we dance?

Money Pot: local transports and admission fees Not included: food and beverages

Kuta, between beach life and nightlife

Day 8 - details
Surf and sunset

Welcome to Kuta! We are in this little surfer’s paradise, let's put our swimsuit on and surf the waves! Here it won’t be too difficult even if we are just starting out surfing for the very first time. One thing is assured... We’ll slip off our boards here and then and it will be funny!
If we don’t feel like surfing, we can take it easy. We can spend the day relaxing on the beach until sunset - the best time to enjoy a nice cocktail overlooking the wonderful sea on comfy pouffes.
Here we are looking for a nice bar so...Let’s get started with a few Balinese cocktails (we suggest the typical Arak) and then move on the dancefloor!

Money Pot: local transports and admission fees Not included: food and beverages

Sea, relax and trekking: time to visit the Gili Islands

Day 9 - details
Paradise on earth

After three days in Bali we are ready to go: today we take some transfers to finally reach the archipelago of the Gili Islands. If you wonder what a paradise on earth looks like, here we are! No picture will be able to catch the incredible beauty of the infinite white beaches and bright blue waters.
We get to the Gili Islands, we can decide what to do: do we want to enjoy the sun and relax on the beach all day, or are we feeling adventurous and ready for snorkeling or scuba diving? Or are we ready for a trek in the jungle?

We'll be at the beach till late where we’ll see a different side of the Gili Islands: here the chiringuitos invite us to enjoy some cocktails and dance barefoot on the sand all night long. Shall we back out? Cheers!

Included: ferry to Gili Trawangan Money Pot: local transports and admission fees Not included: food and beverages

Gili Islands: time to discover the coral reefs of Trawangan

Day 10 - details
Relax and fun

Another day in paradise! The first part of our trip was intense: we realised that the transfers here in Indonesia are very long...But you know what? It was absolutely worth it!
It’s time to enjoy the beautiful Gilis today: three small islands that attract travelers from all over the world for their immense beauty. Let’s explore the paradisiac tropical coral reefs in Gili Trawangan. If you're looking for something even more unique, be sure to make your way to Gili Meno. Here you can have a swim among the beautiful underwater sculptures and take the most epic travel photos - we are sure you won’t regret it!
So why don’t we spend the rest of the day on the beach relaxing and enjoying this peaceful place? We are in!

Money Pot: local transports and admission fees Not included: food and beverages

A day in Lombok: time to enjoy Sengiggi beach one last time

Day 11 - details
That’s the last day on the beach between Gili and Lombok - so let’s make the best of it!

That’s the last day on the beach between Gili and Lombok - so let’s make the best of it! Luckily we still have time to appreciate the beauty of the Gilis in the morning. So why not swimming one last time in these wonderful crystal clear waters?

We’ll move to Lombok in the afternoon where we’ll enjoy the rest of the day on a beach just off the tourist trails. Here we’ll experience the very essence of this new island and fully experience silence and relaxation.

We'll be at the beach until late so that we can enjoy our last sunset on Sengiggi beach: now that we are fully recharged let’s have a delicious Bintang and enjoy a shisha together!

Money Pot: local transports and admission fees Not included: food and beverages

Back to Jakarta: shopping and farewell dinner

Day 12 - details
The capital

Well, goodbye Coron: we fly back to Jakarta and try not to think too much the wonderful ocean we left behind. Today we can have a relaxing afternoon in the hotel or we can spend some time exploring the capital, if you fancy wandering around!
This is always a great chance to visit the city highlights and buy some souvenirs to take home.
So here we are, at the end of our trip: tonight we share our farewell dinner and we enjoy our last round of drinks together: our last 12 days have been so intense that we’ll hardly forget them!

Included: domestic flight and farewell dinner Money Pot: local transports and admission fees Not included: food and beverages

Time to say goodbye

Day 13 - details
Check-out and farewell

Time to say goodbye: see you in your next WeRoad adventure!

End of services. The itinerary may undergo some variations that differ from what stated above. These variations may not be predictable nor depend on WeRoad’s will, i.e. climate conditions, national holidays, strikes, etc.
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  • Welcome dinner;
  • Domestic flight to Yogykarta (day 2);
  • Train from Yogyakarta to Mojokerto (or van with a driver depending on availability) on day 3;
  • A private minivan with driver for our transfers (day 2 and 4);
  • Mount Bromo sunrise excursion with private Jeep;
  • Ferry to Gili Trawangan (day 9);
  • Domestic flight to Jakarta (day 12);
  • Farewell dinner
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  • Government entrance fee to visit Mount Bromo;
  • Coordinator's money pot share
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  • All extra activities that each member of the group agree on doing and the coordinator's fee as well.

The Money Pot is approximately 200 pounds and is collected on-site by the Coordinator. The amount of Money Pot may change due to the numbers of activities and extras that the group decides to do. The spare money (if any) will be returned at the end of the trip.

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