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Book a WeRoad trip and get 20% off Vans MTE and UltraRange

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Yes, we have a partnership with Vans. We are super happy, and not just because it is like a dream come true (yes, we are big fans of Vans and we have no shame in saying it), but also because Vans have decided to give 20% off Vans MTE and UltraRange for all WeRoad travellers. So, book an adventure and be happy with us.

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How can I get the discount code for Vans?

Book your WeRoad trip

First of all, you have to choose where to go - the choice is hard, we know, but below you can find some of the destinations suggested by us and by Vans!

Go on your booking profile

Once you have booked your WeRoad trip, you will find the discount code in your booking profile and also instructions on how to use it - as well as many other discounts!

Get ready for your adventure

Trips booked, Vans taken, and off we go: pack your backpack, put on your Vans, and experience an incredible adventure with new friends.