'We' are WeRoad

and that 'feeling' is what we specialise in

So here's £200 off to experience it for yourself

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In fact, pizza is a lot like travel: trying something new can be scary, but it's always worth it. Sometimes you want it hot, sometimes cold, it can be shared or enjoyed alone, and you're always sad when it's over.

We partnered up with Heroica Lounge not only because their pizza is as authentic as it gets, but also because we believe there are two types of people in this world: those who eat pizza with their hands and those who eat pizza with cutlery.

So we send them on trips around the world together.

Heroica's Story:

Heroica, like WeRoad, began on the road. The Heroica bus project was a sightseeing-bus-turned-pizzeria, which had travelled from Hong Kong to the UK, where it was transformed. In 2016, Heroica established more stable roots in London, opening its location in the Royal Victoria Docks. The name 'Heroica' is actually inspired by the Colombian city of Cartagena, the first Colombian city to boldly separate from Spain in 1811, subsequently dubbing it ‘La Heroica’ or the 'Heroic City'.

Adventure Group Travel for Millennials

Basically, we believe in the power of bringing strangers together and helping them discover the world one life-changing experience at a time. We organise group adventure travel all over the world, where you travel in a group of up to 15 people of a similar age range. We know life is hectic and sometimes planning a trip can be daunting, which is why we exist: you just find your perfect trip, and we’ll sort the rest!