How does the Traffic Light System work?

What's the traffic light system?

On the 17th May at 4am, countries will be placed in a traffic light system:

Countries and territories will be assigned colours based on a range of Covid-19 health metrics, including vaccination numbers and infection rates. 

The different traffic light colours communicate the risk of each country, along with any tests and quarantine required on arrival in the UK.
This list will be updated and reviewed every three weeks.

Green Light

  • Arrivals will need to take a pre-departure test as well as a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test on or before day two of their arrival back into the UK.

  • Arrivals will not need to quarantine on return (unless they receive a positive result or come into contact with a positive case while travelling).

Amber Light

  • Arrivals will need to quarantine for a period of 10 days and take a pre-departure test, as well as a PCR test on day two and day eight.

  • Arrivals can opt in for the Test and Release scheme, in which they take an additional test on day five to end self-isolation early (if test is negative).

Red Light

  • Arrivals will be subject to restrictions currently in place for red list countries which include a 10-day stay in a managed quarantine hotel.

  • Pre-departure testing and mandatory PCR testing on day two and eight.

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