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This trip to Israel will allow you to discover a land full of contrasts: between populations, religions, traditions and cultures. This itinerary will take us from the capital city, where we’ll be warmly welcomed by a population always ready to haggle! This trip to Israel will be a once-in-a-lifetime voyage, full of history, culture, relaxation and fun. In Jerusalem we’ll be submerged in the Holy City, whereas in Tel Aviv we’ll be awestruck by the European familiarity of this Middle Eastern city. We, of course, will be sure to include a much-needed pitstop at the Dead Sea for some R and R!

Travel mood

A willingness to drive is required. Although there aren’t any days of ‘pure relaxation’, the pace is fairly relaxed. A rucksack is compulsory; please leave your suitcase at home as there are 4 hotel changes!

Travel Effort

Walking tours are planned, so a mild physical effort is expected.

Israel 7 days
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Meet in Tel Aviv

Day 1 - details

Flights to and from the UK are not included in the package, so you can decide from where and when you want to leave! This gives you complete freedom of choice to adjust your travel itinerary to your needs.

Check-in at the hotel and welcome meeting.


Jerusalem: from the Western Wall to the Esplanade of the Mosques

Day 2 - details
The Holy City

It’s an early start today, as we’re headed to Jerusalem. The Holy City’s turbulent past can be felt, ingrained in the subconscious of the locals still struggling to co-exist peacefully. We begin our tour at the Western Wall, the holiest site for the Jewish community. Here we’ll observe the chassidim who gather to leave their prayers written on scraps of paper which are then left between cracks in the wall, before kissing the stone to seal the ritual. Afterwards, we continue to the Christian district where the Way of the Cross allegedly took place, the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre is located, and where the slab on which Jesus was supposedly laid is kept. As we enter this area, we leave behind the frenetic bustle of the markets, and are met with a strong religious presence, so we’re conscious of being respectful.

We then visit the Esplanade of the Mosques. Here, the Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities have clashed for centuries to rule over this sacred place. As we traverse the Bab al-Maghariba gate and find ourselves in front of the Al Aqsa Mosque, where the Dome of the Rock scintillates over Jerusalem. In the evening we enjoy our well-deserved welcome dinner, consisting most probably of pita with falafel and hummus, babaganoush, schnitzel (breaded Israeli cutlet), kubbeh (wheat balls) and desserts such as baklawa or maamul.

Israeli cuisine is a mix of flavours that come from Tunisia, North Africa and Lebanon. From the beginning we’ll come to see how this country has been shaped by a myriad of cultures, clashes and cuisines.

Included in Tour Price: Car hire, welcome dinner Included in Money Pot: Fuel and entrance fees Not Included: Food and drink

Hidden Jerusalem: in the City of David through the tunnel of Hezekiah

Day 3 - details
Time to explore the city

Today is fairly free: for those of us feeling bold, we can head to the City of David, the ancient centre of Jerusalem. Founded by the Jebusites and conquered by King David, the City of David forms the original Jerusalem.

We can explore the 533 metre-long tunnel that connects the Gihon Spring with the Pool of Siloam. Originally requested by King Hezekiah, it was created to defend the city, and will be a claustrophobia-testing experience (crawling may be required…).

Those of us who prefer to keep our heads above ground can opt for a stroll around the Arab quarter, and admire the colourful souks and stalls.

In the afternoon there will be a chance to visit the nearby town of Bethlehem, famous for being the reputed birthplace of Jesus Christ and where the Basilica of the Nativity is located. Not only is it a holy place, but Bethlehem is also a town steeped in conflict. Part of the wall that separates Israel and Palestine stands here, which also hosts some of Banky’s famous murals.

Included in Tour Price: Car hire Included in Money Pot: Fuel and entrance fees Not Included: Food and drink

From Jerusalem to the Dead Sea

Day 4 - details
Relaxing in the Dead Sea

This morning, we still have a few hours to explore Jerusalem, so we can visit some of the neighbourhoods we didn't get to see yesterday, or we can spend it shopping in the souks. After lunch (which must include hummus) we set off for Ein Bukek, on the coast of the Dead Sea.

An afternoon of relaxation awaits us, as we sumberge our bodies in the famous, skin-enhancing mud baths. For those of us in need of some serious zen, we can even book a spa treatment, so we’re refreshed for our early wake-up tomorrow!

Included in Tour Price: Car hire Included in Money Pot: Fuel and entrance fees Not Included: Food and drink

Adventure in Masada and afternoon in Talayet

Day 5 - details
Sunrise Hike

We’re up before the sun this morning, so we can watch it rise from a truly spectacular spot! We begin our hike from Masada, walking for about an hour along the ‘Snake Path’ in order to reach the top of the desert mountain on which Masada stands. The view is breathtaking; the Dead Sea, the desert, Herod’s Palace, and the ancient private villa of the king provide a feast for the eyes.

Eat, Breathe, Live Tel Aviv

Once we have explored Masada, we hit the road to Tel Aviv. We spend the afternoon at Tayelet, the city's waterfront, where we can relax in the sun with a cocktail until dusk. Considering how early we got up this morning, we more than deserve it! For those of us with energy remaining, we can check out the bars and nightlife of the capital!

Included in Tour Price: Car hire, Entrance to Masada Included in Money Pot: Fuel and entrance fees Not Included: Food and drink

Tel Aviv between beach and harbour through Old Jaffa

Day 6 - details
Shopping and relax

This morning we visit Old Jaffa, the ancient port city. We get lost in its winding streets and songs of prayer from the nearby mosque. A gentle sea breeze caresses us as we explore the flea markets (Shuk Hapishpashim in Hebrew, in case you were wondering), looking for souvenirs to take home.

After a quiet afternoon, we prepare for our farewell dinner and final night together. We can even hit a few clubs afterwards, and make one last memory before it all comes to an end!

Included in Tour Price: Car hire Included in Money Pot: Fuel and entrance fees Not Included: Food and drink

Check out and Goodbye

Day 7 - details
Home time

The time has come to say goodbye… until next time, folks! 

End of services. The itinerary may undergo some variations that differ from what is stated above. These variations may not be foreseen nor dependent on WeRoad’s control, i.e. climate conditions, national holidays, strikes, etc.
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Tour Price

What’s included:

  • Accommodation in a shared room for the duration of the trip;
  • Welcome dinner;
  • Entrance fee to Masada on day 4;
  • Car rental from Day 2 to 5;
  • Goodbye dinner;
  • Travel Coordinator services

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  • All extras you'll be able to fit in your backpack
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  • Petrol Public transport where applicable
  • Tips for all local service providers that will help make our trip unique. Tips are greatly expected in Israel because it forms a large part of the Israeli salary. As conscientious travellers, we believe it’s always worth rewarding the extraordinary work of locals and adapting to their customs!
  • Coordinator's money pot share
  • Any extra activities that the group agrees on doing including the coordinator's fee.
  • The Money Pot is approximately 200 pounds and is collected on-site by the Coordinator. The amount of the Money Pot may change due to the number of extra activities the group decides to do. The spare money (if any) will be returned at the end of the trip.
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    Hotels, typical guest houses.

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    Rental car and public transport where applicable

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    You'll travel with a WeRoad Coordinator, which is more or less the best travel buddy you could wish for.

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    Before booking, please ensure you check what documents, visas, and vaccinations are required to enter the country you are visiting. If you have any questions, please contact us.