Croatia : Dubrovnik and Hvar sea

10 days (9 nights)
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With its vivid roman and venetian past, Croatia is a radiant land, with stunning turquoise seas and fairytale-like architecture, it is literally breathtakingly beautiful.

With hundreds of kilometres of coastline and thousands of small islands, Croatia is one of the most magical places in the Mediterranean that you couldn’t miss, even if you are not a beach lover. Yes, because Croatia also offers lush nature, waterfalls, national parks, charming towns and ancient cities. Our journey will start from Spalato, then we move down to Dubrovnik and the heavenly Mljet National Park. Next stops will be on the north, between Sibenik - the stone city - and Krka National Park. We will end our trip with the gorgeous Hvar island, with its stunning sea. 

Travel mood

The tour will be based on relaxation and exploring nature, therefore it won’t be difficult at all!

Travel difficulty

Chill rhythms are what this trip is about. Sure, we’ll move sometimes but we’ll mostly enjoy natural beauties; of course there will be party times, we’ll go back home completely regenerated!

Croatia 10 days
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Day 1 - details
Welcome to Croatia!

Roundtrip flights are not included in the TO Services so that you can choose where from, when, and with whom you want to fly. All of that is up to you!

Let’s start our journey discovering Spalato, a city full of history and monuments, like Diocletian’s palace, one of the sixth UNESCO sites of the country. While wandering around, we’ll look for a restaurant for lunch - we have to try a traditional squid ink risotto, the Crni Rižot. So good!



Day 2 - details
On the road to Dubrovnik

Second day in Croatia dear WeRoaders: we pick up our rental cars and get ready for our on the road trip!
Our first stop is a place, which is a mix between reality and fantasy and it got famous thanks to the popular “Game of Thrones” tv show. We are talking about Dubrovnik, 3 hours driving from Spalato. We’ll take just the time to get comfortable and then we’ll start exploring the area.

Following the Lannister tracks

The visit of Dubrovnik will start from its origins and in particular its historic walls: 2 kilometers long, sixteen towers and four forts characterized the ancient and glorious part of the city. It’s declared a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Next is time to follow the Lannister tracks, one of the popular place thanks the tv shows: we’ll visit the Minčeta Fortress - or also know as “House of the Undying” - then we’ll explore the real “Red Keep” that is Lovrijenac Fortress, let’s get comfortable and enjoy the stunning sunset!

Our day will end in a magical way .... Welcome dinner WeRoaders!Let’s taste some Croatian dishes and let’s toast to this WeRoad adventure!

Included: car rental and welcome dinner Money Pot: gas, tolls, and admission fees Not included: food and beverages

Mljet National park

Day 3 - details
Mljet National Park , a full immersion with nature

Early wake up and back on track! Today is another on the road - or we should say on the sea - and we’ll reach by sea the Mljet National Park, where we’ll be amazed by the color of nature. This park is home to two wonderful saltwater lakes, unique for crystal clear blue in the morning and beautiful emerald green in the evening! We take a walk through the park or also we may rent bikes or kayak and when we’ll take some rest with great pic nic.

Last night in Dubrovnik

In the late afternoon we’ll be back to Dubrovnik, are we ready to have dinner with the delicious Pasticada?It’s a typical croatian dish made with marinated sliced beef, stuffed with pancetta and garlic, served with a tasty red wine sauce.

Included: car rental Money Pot: gas, tolls, and admission fees Not included: food and beverages

Lokrum island

Day 4 - details
Kayak day, destination Lokrum island

Last day in Dubrovnik and we’ll say goodbye like a real Lannister, sailing beneath the walls and admiring the fortifications from the sea.
We’ll reach Lokrum island, another gem of the Mediterranean sea, quick lunch in the city, and let’s go back to our first stop: Spalato!

Back to Spalato

Ready for our road trip, we’ll play our best playlist: several kilometers between our destination, but we perfectly know that time flies when we are in good company. Secrets ingredients for this evening are street -food and some Movida: beer or disco?

Included: car rental and kayak excursion Money Pot: gas and tolls Not included: food and beverages

Šibenik & Krka National Park

Day 5 - details
Nature and paths of Krka National Park

To enjoy at best nature and the beauty of this country we have to move again: quick breakfast and it’s time to reach the Krka National Park! Did you get your swimsuit? We have different activities to do, like bathing under the famous waterfall, the Skradinski Buk, taking some pictures from a scenic point, visiting the ethnological museum, or choosing some trekkings to do. Of course, we’ll not get bored!

  • Enjoyed the Krka beauty, it’s time to get back to Spalato...but we have another stop to do: Šibenik, with its wonderful seaside promenade and old city streets - Šibenik is one of the most impressive and fascinating places in Dalmatia. What about getting a cocktail in front of the sea? Fish-based dinner tonight, we can choose to eat in Šibenik or get back to Spalato.

Included: car rental Money Pot: gas, tolls, Šibenik and Krka excursions Not included: food and beverages


Days 6, 7 and 8 - details
Finally the sea

We are in Croatia, how can we miss some days at the sea? Early wake up and get ready to take the ferry: direction Hvar isle! It is 2 hours far from Spalato. Once arrived, we’ll get comfortable and have some lunch, maybe with a sea view!

Crystal sea water and green landscapes

We’ll stay for 3 days in Hvar,a perfect place to work on our tan, hip beach clubs, and gorgeous beaches. But it offers also different trekking that allows us to discover the isle as a real WeRoaders!
The isle is also home of mountains, greeny landscapes, and old abandoned villages. It’s worth taking a little break from the sun and the beach and exploring the inland.

Included: car rental Money Pot: gas, tolls, and ferry boat to Hvar Not included: food and beverages

Back to Spalato

Day 9 - details
Spalato, where it all started

Well, the time has to come..goodbye Hvar, and get on the road to Spalato, where it all started. Few hours and we’ll be back to Spalato port.

Shopping, free time and farewell dinner

We’ll explore Spalato in the afternoon and it’s also time to do some shopping through typical shops and markets. So here we are, at the end of our trip: tonight we share our farewell dinner together, and then we spend the night in one of the many bars of Spalato.

Included: car rental and farewell dinner Money Pot: ferry to Spalato Not included: food and beverages

Going back home

Day 10 - details
Check-out and goodbyes

Time to say goodbye! Maybe our life will still be the same but deep inside we’ll feel changed; we’ll be less stressed, tanned, smiley and… with many new friends!

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