Thailand 360° summer edition

13 days (12 nights)
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This trip to Thailand will leave you speechless: this is a group tour that will bring you around this South-East Asian country and let you discover all of its hidden beauties. From Bangkok to Koh Phangan and back, every day of our trip will be a new possibility of living Thailand and its culture to the fullest. We’ll visit ancient temples and royal palaces, discover natural parks and reserves and explore heritage sites and heavenly beaches. We’ll live this 13 days to the fullest and never want to go back home: that’s the magic thing about Thailand.

Travel Mood

In the first two days of the trip, we’ll travel for 1.300 km - it will be ground transfers and two domestic flights. Rhythms will be intense for the first days and more relaxed in the second half of the trip. We’ll change accommodation almost everyday, so a backpack is mandatory - let’s say it’s better if you leave your big luggage at home!

Travel Difficulty

This trip is not particularly hard and it includes some light hiking. All others sports and activities are optional.

Thailand 13 days
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Bangkok: welcome to Thailand!

Day 1 - details

Roundtrip flights are not included in the TO Services so that you can choose where from, when and with whom you want to fly. All of that is up to you!

Hotel check-in in Bangkok. Ready to start this trip the best way possible? We’re talking about food, obviously. Tonight we’ll have our welcome dinner and we’ll get the chance to have a first taste of the local cuisine - maybe we’ll try pad thai (the real one though!) or khao pad (fried rice that sounds delicious)? The night doesn’t end here though: it continues in Khao San, one of the best streets to enjoy Bangkok’s nightlife.

Included: welcome dinner

Exploring temples north of Bangkok

Day 2 - details
Exploring Ayutthaya by bike

Not too far from Bangkok (just an hour away), there’s Ayutthaya with its archaeological park, that 's, of course, a UNESCO heritage site. We reach Ayutthaya in the morning and once here, we visit the site in the best way possible: by bike! We rent some bikes and we start our tour with Wat Pra Si Sanphet, some important temples that once hosted the Golden Buddha that was covered by 250 kg of gold. We continue with Wat Phra Mahathat - maybe the name doesn’t mean anything to you, but once we're there you’ll surely recognize one of the most famous spots in Thailand, where there’s a Buddha’s head in between a tree’s roots.

After biking all day long, a nice dinner is well-deserved: we must keep on trying out local food, so let’s look for an authentic restaurant where we can try some tom yum goong (a spicy shrimp soup) or some guay teow (noodle soup) - beware: in Thailand they like it spicy!

Money Pot: bike ranting, local transports and admission fees if any Not included: food and beverages

Sukhothai: the old capital city of Thailand

Day 3 - details

We rise with the sun because we have a long transfer in front of us: we need to get to Sukhothai, the old capital city of Thailand. It will take us more or less 6 hours to get there, so let’s get comfortable and try to enjoy the ride - it could be the best moment to get some sleep in! Otherwise, we suggest you keep an eye out of the window: the Thai landscapes are magical and not to be missed! As soon as we arrive in Sukhothai we’re ready to stretch our legs: we explore the city as we did yesterday: by bike!

Sukhothai is one of the most spectacular places in all Thailand: temples everywhere, monasteries and statues that are so well preserved that we’ll leave us speechless. Sukhothai means “dawn of happiness”... and happiness and wonder will be the feeling we’ll get by the mysterious Wat Sanghawat, a group of ruins surrounded by vegetation, and the majestic Buddha of Wat Si Chum, that we’ll make us feel teeny tiny.

Money Pot: bike renting, local transports and admission fees if any Not included: food and beverages

Chiang Mai: discovering Doi Suthep Temple

Day 4 - details
Temples in Chiang Mai

Another day, another long transfer (but don’t worry, it won’t be always like this!): this morning we have 5 hours on the road to get to Chiang Mai, a city that stands by the Ping River. Like in Ayutthaya and Sukhothai, here we’ll find temples, statues and sculptures and architectural beauties - plus local markets, where merchants will try to sell us pretty much anything! Once here, we must visit the scenic Doi Suthep Temple with its stairway decorated with stone dragons. There are 300 steps to climb, but no worries: after any effort, there’s a prize - in this case, we can enjoy a traditional Thai massage!

How to end this almost perfect day? If we’ll be here on a Sunday, we can’t miss the local Sunday Market, that is huge and has any product we can think of. Street food is , of course, a must: will someone have the guts to try some fried scorpion?

Money Pot: local transports and admission fees if any Not included: food and beverages

Forest and elephants

Day 5 - details
A day in the nature

Today it’s time to say goodbye to the hectic Chiang Mai and dive deep into Thai natural world - to be more precise, the Thai jungle! We’ll be able to see the local fauna and enjoy nature at its best - we’ll get the chance to meet new friends as well! We’re talking about elephants: we could feed them, pet them and even do some mud-rolling, which happens to be baby elephants’ favourite activity. An incredible experience that respects the animals and that we’ll never forget! After that, since we’re already wet… what about some rafting along the river?

In the evening, get ready to discover more about Thailand’s national sport: we’ll attend a Muay Thai match! Muay Thai is an ancient martial art and an important part of Thai culture: for the Thais, attending a Muay Thai match is like for the British going to the stadium to see a soccer game.

Included: elephant experience and rafting Money Pot: local transports and admission fees if any Not included: food and beverages

Travelling south

Day 6 - details
Surat Thani

We still have some time this morning to enjoy Chiang Mai and its peace, but we also have to get ready to say goodbye to northern Thailand and get ready to fly to the South!

With a domestic flight, we reach Surat Thani, a city near the coast where we’ll spend the night. We should have understood by now that in any Thai city there’s a local market - Surat Thani is no exception! Tonight we can stroll around the market and find the best street food Thailand has to offer - surely, it will be spicy!

Included: domestic flight Money Pot: local transports and admission fees if any Not included: food and beverages

Koh Phangan, the first island of the trip

Day 7 - details
Finally, the Thai sea!

Ready to finally enjoy the Thai sea? In the morning we head to the harbour to take the ferry that we’ll bring us to Koh Phangan Island. Don’t expect a fast boat though: the ferry journey will be slow but enjoyable nonetheless! Plus, we’ll get the time to take everything in: the view is way different than the one we were used to seeing in the north!

Koh Phangan is one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand: it’s huge and still pretty rural, meaning there are few to no paved streets, with a unique atmosphere. Once we are all settled, we can start discovering it from the inland: there are 6 waterfalls, let’s pick one and hike there! Our suggestion? Than Sadet, but let’s be honest: it’s hard to go wrong here!

The island is famous for its natural beauty, sure, but the nightlife is also something not to be missed: there are many clubs and bars on the beach where we can have a taste of the famous Thai “movida”. Beware the dress code… only flip flops allowed!

Included: ferry transfer to Koh Phangan Money Pot: local transports and admission fees if any Not included: food and beverages

Exploring Koh Phangan

Day 8 - details
Boat or tuk-tuks?

Last night was intense - when did we get back to the hotel again? No worries though: today’s will be a relaxed and smooth beach day. We have two options: exploring Koh Phangan beaches by sea, with a boat tour, or by land, with the typical tuk-tuks. Whatever option we’ll choose, there are some places that we simply cannot miss: Koh Ma, an islet joined to the mainland by a strip of sand, and Haad Son, where there are some swings on the sea that are the perfect spot to sip a cocktail at sunset - and take some amazing pics!

Money Pot: local transports and admission fees if any Not included: food and beverages

Mu Koh Ang Thong: discovering the natural park

Day 9 - details
Exploring the archipelago

Ready to discover many more Thai natural wonders? Today we take part in a boat tour that will allow us to explore Mu Koh Ang Thong Marine National Park. This huge park has more or less 42 islands filled with tiny lakes, blue lagoons, lush vegetation and many spectacular viewpoints - we can easily say that there aren’t many other places like this on earth. It’s a protected area, not yet discovered by mass tourism - hence this is one of the most liked days of this trip.

We’ll get the chance to do some snorkelling to discover the hidden treasures of the sea (we’ll see so many fish species!) and relax on the white-sand beaches, sunbathing for a bit. Let’s not fall asleep though! It’s not rare to see dolphins swimming near the coast, so let’s keep an eye out for them!

This day has already been pretty intense but we’re not done with surprises: tonight we’ll sleep in a tent on the beach! How many of you can say they slept under the starry night on a Thai island?

Included: Mu Koh Ang Thong day trip Money Pot: optional sports and activities Not included: food and beverages

Last night in Koh Phangan

Day 10 - details
Between beachlife and citylife

Have you ever been woken up by the sun that filters through a tent? Some of us, maybe. Let’s do it again: have you ever been woken up by the sun that filters through a tent, and when opening it, finding yourself in an untouched tropical paradise, with white-sand beaches and crystal clear sea? Guess almost nobody has done that.

After the best night of this trip, spent under the starry sky, we wake up well rested and ready to continue exploring the island. If we didn’t do it yesterday, we must do some snorkelling today - we promise, it’s worth it! In the afternoon we have to say goodbye to this tropical paradise and take the ferry that will lead us back to Koh Phangan. Once here, we’ll get the chance to enjoy one last night in the south: it’s time to party and show our best dance moves, nobody excused!

Included: Mu Koh Ang Thong day trip Money Pot: optional sports and activities Not included: food and beverages

Heading back to Bangkok

Day 11 - details
Shopping in the local markets

This morning is all about transfers: we take a ferry to Surat Thani and then a flight to Bangkok. We have two days to fully enjoy Thailand’s capital city - that is also one of the most representative cities of SouthEast Asia. Full of tuk tuks that speed around like bullets, scooters, cars and trucks that create the typical traffic jams - forget the peaceful islands of the south, we are back to hectic Thailand!

We’ll arrive in the afternoon and after checking-in in our hotels, we’re ready to stroll around. This is the perfect day to find the right souvenir to bring home with you: we’ll head to Khaosan Road, the most popular shopping street - it’s like Camden in London! There are also many SPAs, so many it’s the right time to enjoy a Thai massage… we deserved it after so many days of travelling!

Included: ferry transfer to Surat Thani and domestic flight to Bangkok Money Pot: local transports and admission fees if any Not included: food and beverages

Bangkok and the Royal Palace

Day 12 - details
Esplorando la capitale

We haven’t done yet a proper city tour of Bangkok: this morning is the right time to do that! We’ll explore the city’s temples, starting with the Royal Palace and continuing with Wat Pho and its giant Reclining Buddha (it’s really huge!). Then there’s Wat Arun, just on the other bank of the river - to get there, we can do a little boat trip. This temple is known with the name of “Dawn Temple” and the atmosphere here is simply unique - we’ll get a sense of peace that will bring us back to the southern islands!

The afternoon is all about last-minute souvenirs shopping and then we meet again for our farewell dinner. It seems impossible that this trip has already come to an end, but let’s face the truth and enjoy the last hours we have together. Cheers to this incredible journey we shared!

Included: farewell dinner Money Pot: local transports and admission fees if any Not included: food and beverages

Time to say goodbye

Day 13 - details

Time to go back home: see you again on your next WeRoad adventure!

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