Northern Sardinia: surfing & beaches between the Maddalena & Costa Smeralda

8 days (7 nights)
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Costa Smeralda, beaches, sea, sports and unforgettable moonlight nights; did we forget anything? Right, the best fellow travellers possible! If you’re thinking “damn, maybe I really should go to Sardinia” then good, you can’t miss out on this opportunity! An 8 days tour in paradise, to explore the Maddalena archipelago and its incredible landscapes, Rena Majore and Del Principe beach where not doing snorkeling is basically a crime, Caprera and the exotic Cala Coticcio, kayaking in Casteldoria and going to Porto Cervo where we’ll stop at Liscia Ruja, the biggest beach on the Costa Smeralda. Just enough time to fall in love with Sardinia!

Travel mood

This tour is going to be nature, relaxing and a lot of will to explore… therefore pack light clothes, swimsuits and a lot of will to have fun!

Travel difficulty

Chill rhythms are what this trip is about. Sure, we’ll move sometimes but we’ll mostly enjoy natural beauties; of course there will be party times, we’ll go back home completely regenerated! For this tour it is required availability to drive.

Italy 8 days
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Olbia & Porto Pollo

Day 1 - details
Welcome to Sardinia!

Roundtrip flights are not included in the TO Services so that you can choose where from, when and with whom you want to fly.

We’ll meet up in Olbia where we’ll pick up our rental cars. Once we’re all together, we’ll leave to go to Porto Pollo, our home for the next 8 days! We’ll take just the time to get comfortable and then we’ll start exploring the area. Tonight we’ll start off right with a seafood dinner, fresh from the catch of the day! We’ll then move towards the beach where there are always parties and live music. Let’s toast the start of this trip and enjoy the night!

Included: Rental Not included: food and beverages

Del Principe beach

Giorno 2 - details
Caribbean who?

Another day, same beach, same sea? We don’t really think so! Del Principe Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Smeralda even though, to be fair, it’s not easy to rank them! This beach is a narrow white-sanded strip placed right on the crystal clear water bay; for real though, Caribbean beaches could never!

Deep in the blue sea

Snorkeling is a must-do! There are so many natural beauties right under the waves it’s almost a sin not to dive right in and swim with the local marine wildlife. After this intense beach day, we’ll go back home and get ready for dinner - tonight we’ll have spaghetti & bottarga! Just as we got back to Porto Pollo we’ll have our welcome dinner and yes, you guessed it. Just like every other night we’ll enjoy the nightlife on the beach, and work on our moonlight tan!

Included: welcome dinner & rental Money Pot: gas & highway tolls Not included: other food and beverages

Rena Majore

Day 3 - details
Get on the board!

More sports time for our trip! This time we’ll try surfing, windsurfing or SUP. Practice makes perfect, and we all know one day of surfing won’t make us pros, but either way, it’s gonna be a success! Whoever had enough from the day before though, is free to choose their favorite spot on the beach, relax and enjoy the tan. Clearly, they’re gonna be on picture duty for their fellow surfers!

Valle della Luna

It’s time again to move away from Porto Pollo: not very far away, we’ll find Rena Majore, another natural beauty Sardinia has to offer! Let’s find the right kiosk for lunch and let’s then dive right in the sea and let’s try to find out every secret of it. Of course, snorkeling is the best activity around here -wear mask and fins and dive right in the blue water! We’ll stick around until sunset, which we’ll enjoy chugging a cold beer, and then we can decide if sticking around to enjoy the moonlight it’s worth it. Hippie communities called this place Moon Valley (Valle della Luna) because of the reflection of the moonlight on the rocks around here!

Included: rental Money Pot: gas, highway tolls and entrances Not included: food and beverages

Maddalena archipelago

Day 4 - details
Yoo, Dude!

If you thought you’d come to Sardinia and sleep on the beach the whole time… well, you were wrong -There will be time for that, but not today! This morning we’ll stay in Porto Pollo and try water sports: we can surf, windsurf, sail or SUP. Today’s challenge: don’t slip in the water! Tonight’s drinks are on whoever falls first :P

Small Paradise

In the afternoon we’ll have a wow-experience; we’ll get to La Maddalena, 60 small mesmerizing islands that are a slice of heaven on earth. The local flora and fauna will leave you speechless, and we might even meet some local bottlenose dolphins, they’re usually very friendly and you never know when they will come around!

Included: Maddalena excursion, rental Money Pot: gas, highway tolls, entrance fees Not included: food & beverages


Day 5 - details
A little bit of culture...

Seeing La Maddalena only once wasn’t enough, so today we’ll go back but we’ll choose a specific spot! The whole day will be dedicated to exploring the island of Caprera which, just like the whole National Park of La Maddalena archipelago, offers postcard-worthy landscapes. First thing, we’ll visit Garibaldi’s home-museum, who landed here first in 1855, and after this cultural moment we’ll have our packed lunch and get ready to spend the afternoon on the island!

...and a little bit of Tahiti!

We really can’t miss out on Cala Coticcio beach, the most exotic beach in Caprera -so much that it was renamed “Tahiti”. As usual we’ll find fine, white sand and deep crystal clear water; we’ll walk to Cala Coticcio and we’ll enjoy it to the fullest. In the evening we’ll go back to the base ready for more drinks and beach parties. Of course, if we don’t feel like it, we can spend the fresh air night at home between ourselves and rest!

Included: Rental Money Pot: gas, highway tolls, entrance fees Not included: Food and beverages

Kayaking in Casteldoria

Day 6 - details
Thermes? Nope, kayaking!

Early rise and solid breakfast: all needed to face this day, which will be kinda different. Today we won’t go to the beach, but we’ll go inland and we’ll get to Casteldoria’s Thermes, and we’ll spend the whole day at the SP… SIKE! Why would we spend a day relaxing when there is a river we can kayak on? We’ll decide together what to do but the kayaks are calling us; we can relax tomorrow, today it’s time to row!

Beach Chiringuitos

The kayaking route will make us discover a new Sardinia we haven’t had quite seen, made of colored flora and ochre-colored rocks; row, row, row ya boat, and the day goes by fast! We’ll then go back to Porto Pollo around dinner time, tired but satisfied -not too tired to miss out on a walk on the beach and stop by a Chiringuito!

Included: Rental Money Pot: Gas, highway tolls and entrance fees Not included: food, beverages

Porto Pollo

Day 7 - details
Surf Table of bed time?

Last night we might have got home really late; whoever has seen the sunrise and rathers rest, the bed is fresh and comfy and you can spend the whole morning in it! If you feel like spending the last hours here trying to dominate the waves, this morning we can try surfing again! Will you stay on top of the board today?

Porto Cervo!

We cannot miss out on one last time on the seaside! Since it’s our last time on the seaside all together, we shall go to a special beach; we’ll move towards Porto Cervo and we’ll go to Liscia Ruja, the biggest beach in Costa Smeralda. Relax is the word for today -we’ll chill on the beach, swim and enjoy these dreamlike landscapes. Goodbye dinner, one last toast to our fellow travellers, and let’s party! The night is always young here :)

Included: Rental & goodbye dinner Money Pot: Gas, highway tolls and entrance fees Not included: food, beverages


Day 8 - details
Check out and goodbyes

These days will forever be in our hearts! Say goodbye to your new best friends - ‘Till our next WeRoad adventure!

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