Itinerary - Morocco: Trekking to Mt. Toubkal

day 1

Welcome to Morocco!

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Check in

Round trip flights are not included in the package, so you can choose from where and when you want to fly. This is to give you maximum freedom of choice!

Check-in to your hotel in Marrakech and then it is time to start this trip right, with food of course! Let's try out some specialities from the local cuisine. Raise a glass and let yourself be swept away by the mix of flavours and aromas the city has to offer!

Included: overnight stay, breakfast

Not included: other meals and drinks

day 2

Reaching Mt Toubkal Base Camp (3206m)

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First day of trekking

It's time to hit the trail! After a quick hour-and-a-half ride to the cozy village of Imlil, our adventure officially kicks off! Imlil, snuggled in the Atlas Mountains' foothills at 1740 meters, marks the starting line for our epic journey.

We'll follow the scenic path along the Mizane valley, passing through the charming village of Aremd and making a pit stop at the famed sanctuary of Sidi Chamarouch—tourists and pilgrims' hotspot. As we trek, the trail steadily winds its way up, zigzagging through the terrain until we reach our night's haven, a refuge sitting proudly at 3206 meters above sea level. Get ready to bunk down amidst these magnificent peaks, eagerly anticipating the thrilling ascent that awaits us tomorrow!

Included: overnight stay at mountain refuge, land transfers, all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), local English-speaking guide, mules for transport

Money pot: tips and any entrance fees

Not included: other meals and drinks

day 3

Summit Mt. Toubkal (4167m)

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Second day of trekking

Today isn't just any day—it's THE day we conquer the summit!

Set those alarms early, because trust me, this sunrise is one you'll carry in your memory for ages.

Post-breakfast, our ascent commences from our base camp at 3,207 meters, aiming for the towering summit of Mount Toubkal, standing tall at 4,167 meters above sea level. The final stretch is challenging, and the altitude might start making its presence known, but the reward? Oh, it's worth it! Once atop, we'll relish a well-deserved break, soaking in a breathtaking panorama that'll leave us in awe.

Exhausted yet exhilarated, we'll retreat to the refuge for lunch before beginning our descent towards Imlil, our resting place for the night. Yes, we did it! We conquered Mount Toubkal—victory feels pretty amazing, doesn't it?

Included: overnight stay, land transfers, all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), local English-speaking guide, mules for transport

Money pot: tips and any entrance fees

Not included: other meals and drinks

day 4

Return to Marrakech

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La città dalle Mille e una notte

Today marks our return to Marrakech! With almost a full day at our disposal, it's time to dive into the city's vibrant tapestry. Our journey begins at Jemaa el Fna Square, the bustling heart of Marrakech. Here, amidst the lively square, lies an expansive open-air market, known as a souk, offering a treasure trove of incredibly soft fabrics, delectable dates, and aromatic spices. Fancy getting adorned with henna or having our fortunes told by the intriguing fortune tellers? The options are as fascinating as they are endless.

Next stop, Place des Epices—the spice square—and Palazzo Bahia, a breathtaking masterpiece showcasing traditional Moroccan architecture.

As the day winds down, since it's our last evening here, let's treat ourselves to a delightful mint tea at one of the café terraces surrounding the main square, savouring every sip as the sun sets. Our evening continues with a final dinner together, relishing Moroccan culinary delights amidst the lively, bustling streets of Marrakech. Let's make the most of our time here!

Included: land transfer, overnight stay, breakfast

Money pot: tips and any entrance fees

Not Included: other meals and drinks

day 5

Goodbye Morocco

Check-out and goodbye

Check-out and goodbye – until your next WeRoad adventure!

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