Itinerary - Exclusive Vietnam: from the North to the South

day 1

Welcome to Vietnam

Arrivo in Hotel

Roundtrip flights are not included in the TO Services so that you can choose where from, when and with whom you want to fly. All of that is up to you! Please note: the trip starts in Hanoi and ends in Ho Chi Minh City, so book your flights accordingly. Hotel check-in in Hanoi. Ready to start this trip the best way possible? We’re talking about food, obviously.

day 2

Let's discover Hanoi

A mix between antiquity and modernity

Today, let's ignite our journey with boundless enthusiasm and delve into this incredible city—a harmonious blend of ancient traditions and contemporary marvels. Hanoi beckons us with its wealth of hidden treasures and a tapestry woven with rich cultural heritage. Venture forth to visit the revered Tran Quoc Pagoda, steeped in antiquity, or wander through the hallowed halls of the Temple of Literature, a historic bastion that once stood as the country's inaugural National University. Hanoi presents a multitude of captivating attractions, granting us the freedom to craft our own narrative and decide how to embrace these invaluable moments!

One night on the train

To truly embody the essence of a WeRoad-style adventure, we embark on an evening journey aboard a night train, awakening in Lao Cai to embrace the thrill without skipping a beat. This train isn't your typical ride; its modern interiors are beautifully complemented by traditional local aesthetics, boasting wooden panels and all the amenities needed for a tranquil night's repose. For this one night, we immerse ourselves in the local way of life, enjoying added comfort and in exchange, gaining an indelible and unforgettable experience!

Included: overnight stay, night train

Money pot: any extra activities and entrance fees

Not included: meals and drinks

day 3

A day of trekking in the northern mountains

Sapa: nature and typical villages

This morning greeted us in Lao Cai, marking the end of our train journey, but our adventure continues! Awaiting our arrival is Sapa, an incredibly vibrant town nestled in the far north of Vietnam. Sapa is a haven for trekking enthusiasts and mountain lovers, and its allure is immediately apparent! Resting at the base of the Hoang Lien mountains, also known as the Tonkin Alps, towering approximately 1,650 meters high, Sapa mesmerises with its breathtaking vistas. Prepare for an immersive trek amidst the picturesque terraced rice fields, undulating hills, and serene villages, where encounters with the welcoming locals await.

Later, we'll retreat to our delightful ecolodge in Sapa for the night. Anticipate indulging in the delectable Northern Vietnamese cuisine they offer! Our trek spans approximately 7.1 kilometers, promising an adventure lasting around 3 to 3.5 hours. Let's embrace this exhilarating journey!

Included: overnight stay, private minivan, driver, visit to local villages, lunch

Money pot: any extra activities and entrance fees

Not included: meals and drinks

day 4

On the road towards Ninh Binh

A long journey

Let's take a moment – we've covered quite a bit of ground, and now it's time for a well-deserved break! Fortunately, a smooth and luxurious transfer awaits, providing us with the chance to unwind and appreciate the evolving landscapes as we bid farewell to the mountainous terrain. And, of course, who's our maestro for curating the perfect playlist?

Arriving at Ninh Binh in the early afternoon, we are presented with a delightful opportunity to explore and invigorate ourselves with a leisurely bike ride. After settling in, let's embark on a picturesque journey on two wheels, savouring all that this captivating place has to offer. It's a plan crafted for indulgence and discovery – let's revel in it!

Included: overnight stay, private minivan, driver

Money pot: any extra activities and entrance fees

Not included: meals and drinks

day 5

Let's discover Ninh Bình: from Hoa Lu to Bai Dinh pagoda

Time is precious… the choice is ours

Today is brimming with an array of incredible experiences awaiting us in Ninh Binh! Our day begins with a venture into the awe-inspiring Tam Coc caves, adorned with stunning stalactites and stalagmites sure to leave us spellbound. Nearby, the mesmerising Bich Dong Pagoda beckons, offering a panoramic view of Ninh Binh that's simply breathtaking.

Another enticing option awaits at the renowned Bai Dinh Pagoda, not just a revered Buddhist pilgrimage site but also the largest pagoda in Vietnam. The sheer grandeur of this place is undeniably impressive!

To add to our choices, there's Hoa Lu, the ancient capital of Vietnam. Nestled amidst towering mountains, Hoa Lu hosts an array of temples, including the revered Dinh Tien Hoang temple. With such remarkable options before us, let's pick one and embark on our chosen adventure.

Included: overnight stay, private minivan, driver

Money pot: any extra activities and entrance fees

Not included: meals and drinks

day 6

Discovering Halong Bay

One of the 7 wonders of the natural world

Bright and early in the morning, anticipation fills the air for yet another exhilarating adventure! We embark on a transfer bound for the Gulf of Tonkin, where the illustrious Halong Bay awaits—a genuine treasure boasting approximately 2,000 verdant islets that paint a mesmerising scene.

Upon our arrival, we'll step aboard a traditional junk boat just in time for a delightful lunch. This vessel becomes our sanctuary for the day as we embark on an enchanting cruise through the bay's expanse. Our initial stop leads us to the Sung Sot Cave, renowned as the Cave of Surprises. Ascending around 150 steps, we'll relish a panoramic view of the bay while admiring the stunning stalactite and stalagmite formations illuminated by colorful lights, evoking an otherworldly ambiance.

As dusk descends, a delectable dinner awaits us, followed by a continuation of our nocturnal cruise upon the ship—a promise of a night woven with memories of enchantment and wonder!

Included: overnight stay, transport, Ha Long Bay cruise, local guide, lunch, dinner

Money pot: any extra activities and entrance fees

Not included: other meals and drinks

day 7

From Hanoi to Hue

Let's go back to Hanoi

We'll rise and shine early today to make the most of our remaining time in this breathtaking natural paradise - after all, waking up in Ha Long Bay is a rare treat! Then we will disembark around 11 am and head back to Hanoi, where we can't waste any time as we have a flight to catch that will take us straight to Hue.


Hue stands as a vibrant city steeped in the heart of Vietnam's illustrious historical legacy. Once the imperial capital, it harmoniously combines lively thoroughfares with serene beauty. Among the local recommendations are Emperor Nguyen's favoured delicacies, including the esteemed royal banh khoai rice cake. An exquisite treat to savor, we'll delve into this renowned delight, eager to experience its reputed flavours. Who knows? It might just turn out to be a delectable delight worth relishing!

Included: overnight stay, private minivan, driver, internal flight

Money pot: any extra activities and entrance fees

Not included: other meals and drinks

day 8

Let's discover Hue

A day in Hue

We're in for a day filled with exploration as we uncover the captivating historical wonders of Hue. From regal palaces to ancient pagodas and imperial tombs, this former imperial capital presents a tapestry of historical riches. The serene streets and unhurried pace create an atmosphere where time seems suspended. Among the must-visit sites are the Forbidden City, a UNESCO cultural heritage site, the revered Mausoleums of the emperors, the Museum of Royal Arts exhibiting the treasures of the Nguyen dynasty, the ethereal Pagoda of Heavenly Ladies nestled along the Perfume River, and the picturesque Bach Ma Monastery majestically perched atop a mountain. These sites stand as portals to Vietnam's opulent history, offering profound insights and are truly not to be missed!

Included: overnight stay

Money pot: any extra activities and entrance fees

Not included: other meals and drinks

days 9, 10

Tam Giang Lagoon

Tam Giang Lagoon

Following breakfast, our next destination is the enchanting Hoi An, but not before a captivating stop at the Tam Giang Lagoon for an authentic local encounter. Here, we'll immerse ourselves in the charm of the old village, delving deeper into the local way of life. A boat excursion awaits, granting us the privilege to witness the fishermen at work in this serene lagoon, culminating our visit with a delectable farm-to-table lunch experience.

With satisfied appetites, we resume our journey toward Hoi An, a recently designated World Heritage Site. This impeccably restored city showcases preserved areas that transport us back in time, mirroring their appearance from over a century ago. Shall we embark on a leisurely stroll to relish the charm of this remarkable place?

Included: overnight stay, visit to Tam Giang Lagoon, visit to Fishermans Village, BBQ lunch, private minivan, driver, local English speaking guide

Money pot: any extra activities and entrance fees

Not included: other meals and drinks

day 11

Hoi An

Hoi An

In today's itinerary, we're diving into some invigorating physical activity with a guided bike tour led by a local expert. Our journey will weave through the scenic countryside, meandering past lush rice paddies, vibrant markets, and age-old villages steeped in history. Following this picturesque ride, get ready to roll up your sleeves for a delightful cooking class. Here, we'll immerse ourselves in a fun and interactive session, mastering the art of crafting traditional dishes like noodles and dumplings. So, who's excited to hop on their new bike and pedal away into this fantastic adventure?

Included: overnight stay, bike tour with English speaking guide, cooking class, internal flight

Money pot: any extra activities and entrance fees

Not included: other meals and drinks

day 12

We arrive in Saigon

The ancient capital

Today marks our arrival in Ho Chi Minh City, the contemporary emblem of South Vietnam. As the country's most populous metropolis, the bustling energy might initially seem overwhelming with its ceaseless motion. An unmissable excursion awaits as we delve into the historic Cu Chi tunnels, a significant relic from the 1960s Vietnam War era. Though time has passed, the legacy of the war remains deeply etched. This morning offers an opportunity to unravel yet another facet of Vietnam's compelling narrative. Additionally, for those not constrained by claustrophobia, an optional chance beckons to venture into the tunnels' depths.

Included: overnight stay, airport transfer, internal flight, visit to Cu Chi tunnels with English speaking local guide

Money pot: any extra activities and entrance fees

Not included: other meals and drinks

day 13

Let's discover Saigon

Our last day

As our time in Vietnam draws to a close, we find ourselves back in Saigon, a city teeming with diversity and vibrant energy. With a generous amount of free time on hand, this day allows us the liberty to pursue our individual preferences. For those keen on exploring pagodas or other personal interests, the opportunity awaits.

As evening approaches, we gather for our farewell dinner, a fitting occasion to relish the diverse flavours of Vietnam and commemorate the cherished memories forged during our incredible journey through this captivating country.

Included: overnight stay

Money pot: any extra activities and entrance fees

Not included: other meals and drinks

day 14

Time to say goodbye

Check out and goodbye

Time to go back home: see you again on your next WeRoad adventure!

End of services. The itinerary may undergo some variations that differ from what stated above. These variations may not be predictable nor depend on WeRoad’s will, i.e. climate conditions, national holidays, strikes, etc.

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