Itinerary - Exclusive Thailand: Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Koh Samui

day 1

Welcome to Thailand!


Round trip flights are not included in the package, so you can choose from where and when you want to fly. This is to give you maximum freedom of choice!

Ready to start this trip the best way possible? We’re talking about food, obviously. Tonight we’ll have our welcome dinner and we’ll get the chance to have a first taste of the local cuisine - maybe we’ll try pad thai (the real one though!) or khao pad (fried rice that sounds delicious)? The night doesn’t end here though: it continues in Khao San, one of the best streets to enjoy Bangkok’s nightlife.

Included: overnight stay

day 2

From Bangkok to Chiang Rai

The adventure begins

Following an invigorating night, we're thrilled to kickstart our true adventure! Today marks our flight from Bangkok to Chiang Rai, the esteemed northern capital of Thailand. In Chiang Rai, an array of captivating temples awaits our exploration—such as the White Temple, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, and the Blue Temple. Beyond these renowned landmarks, numerous hidden temples beckon to be discovered, promising ample time for us to immerse ourselves in their allure.

On the hunt for culinary specialties

In sync with other vibrant Asian cities, Chiang Rai boasts a lively night market bustling with activity—a hotspot adored by tourists and locals alike. Our evening unfolds amidst this vibrant tapestry, indulging in local delicacies like the delectable Khao Soi curry soup enriched with chicken and noodles. Amidst the ambiance, we'll be treated to musical renditions by local bands, providing a delightful immersion into the authentic local culture.

Included: overnight stay, internal flight

Money pot: any extra activities and entrance fees

Not included: meals and drinks

day 3

Let's enjoy Chiang Rai

Let's create our perfect day

Have you relished the experience of an authentic Thai massage, partaken in a martial arts lesson, or joined a cooking class to master the art of preparing the renowned Pad Thai dish? Thailand presents an endless mosaic of diverse and exceptional activities. Craft your ideal day, whether it calls for moments of solitude or companionship, by selecting experiences that resonate with you. Should you desire, revel in a day of complete serenity and rejuvenation amidst the elegant comforts of our hotel. The choice is yours to curate a day tailored perfectly to your preferences.

Included: overnight stay

Money pot: any extra activities and entrance fees

Not included: meals and drinks

day 4

From Chiang Rai to Chiang Mai

We arrive in Chiang Mai!

It's time to bid adieu to Chiang Rai, but fret not, as our next destination awaits with a comfortable private transfer ready to whisk us away to Chiang Mai. Although its name might echo similarities, Chiang Mai stands as a distinct city on its own. Waste no time as we kick off with a leisurely walking tour of this northern Thai gem. Nestled in the extreme north of Thailand, Chiang Mai proudly holds the title of the country's second-largest city. Unlike the bustling Bangkok, it exudes a more intimate and tranquil vibe. And let's not forget the evening's highlight— the night markets! An absolute delight not to be missed, promising an unforgettable experience!

Included: overnight stay, transfer from Chiang Rai to Chiang Mai, local guide

Money pot: any extra activities and entrance fees

Not included: meals and drinks

day 5

Into the jungle!

Today is 100% nature

Today marks our departure from the vibrant energy of Chiang Mai as we delve deep into the heart of the jungle! Here, verdant landscapes envelop us, offering a serene sanctuary amidst local wildlife. The pinnacle of our day? Connecting intimately with the majestic elephants! Engaging in feeding sessions, frolicking with adorable baby elephants, and even sharing a refreshing river dip alongside these gentle giants. All these experiences, meticulously designed to prioritize their well-being. This unforgettable encounter will leave an indelible mark on our hearts.

Amidst this remarkable adventure, comfort remains paramount. Our accommodation for the night awaits at an Ecolodge, ensuring an authentic local experience while upholding environmental respect. Amidst the soothing symphony of nature's sounds, this haven provides essential amenities, ensuring a harmonious blend with the surrounding natural beauty.

Included: overnight stay, elephant experience

Money pot: any extra activities and entrance fees

Not included: meals and drinks

day 6

Koh Samui

Finally at the sea

Following a comfortable morning transfer to the airport, our journey continues towards our final destination, Koh Samui.

Koh Samui, Thailand's second-largest island, presents a myriad of activities catering to every taste. Whether it's unwinding on the pristine white sandy beaches under the warm sun or embarking on adventures exploring the nearby coconut forests and dense rainforests, the island offers a diverse array of experiences. Delve into the island's cultural treasures, including magnificent temples like the renowned 12-meter high golden statue of the Big Buddha nestled within the Wat Phra Yai temple, situated on a small island linked to Koh Samui by a causeway.

Upon our arrival on the island, we'll collectively decide on our activities, ensuring we maximise our time here. And what better way to kick off than spending the evening dancing to lively beats, preferably at a beachfront club, embracing the vibrant island ambiance!

Included: overnight stay, airport transfer, domestic flight

Money pot: any extra activities and entrance fees

Not included: meals and drinks

day 7

A magical place

Angthong Marine National Park

Today's adventure is a true delight! Aboard a private boat, we venture to the awe-inspiring Angthong Marine National Park, a captivating natural haven comprised of 42 picturesque islets. Within this idyllic park, nature unfurls its stunning beauty with emerald lagoons, tranquil lakes, and panoramic hills, presenting unforgettable scenery perfect for capturing timeless memories. This protected sanctuary remains unspoiled by mass tourism, standing as a coveted highlight of our WeRoad journey in Thailand.

Our day unveils opportunities to snorkel in the serene, crystalline waters teeming with vibrant marine life or bask in leisure upon pristine white sand beaches. Keep your gaze wandering as dolphins occasionally grace these waters with their presence! Amidst this excursion, rest assured that every detail is taken care of— from a delightful lunch to fresh fruit and snorkeling gear provided for our convenience. So let's unwind, immerse ourselves in the sheer beauty around us, and relish this splendid experience to the fullest.

Included: overnight stay, snorkelling activity, kayaking activity, lunch

Money pot: any extra activities and entrance fees

Not included: meals and drinks

day 8

Last day in paradise

We enjoy our last day at sea

Imagine awakening to the golden rays of the sun streaming through your tent, unveiling a picturesque tropical paradise with pristine white beaches and crystalline waters. It's a truly enchanting sight! Following this splendid beginning to our day, the morning unfolds, offering ample time to continue our exploration and revel in the island's wonders. Don't miss the chance to delve into the incredible experience of snorkeling! In these waters, just a stone's throw away, a diverse and ever-fascinating array of fish awaits your discovery.

For the more daring adventurers among us, an option lies ahead—an exhilarating boat trip to Koh Tao awaits!

As evening descends, we gather for our final supper with toes nestled in the soft sands. Let's adorn ourselves and embrace these moments wholeheartedly! It's time to revel and commemorate this remarkable journey together. Cheers to celebrating our adventures!

Included: overnight stay

Money pot: any extra activities and entrance fees

Not included: meals and drinks

day 9

Back to Bangkok

Exploring the city

We'll start with the Royal Palace and then head to Wat Pho, where we can see the giant reclining golden Buddha, and Wat Arun on the other side of the river. We'll take a short boat ride to reach it. Known as the "Temple of Dawn", it has a serene atmosphere that will bring us peace.

In the afternoon, we have free time to do some last-minute shopping before we meet up for our final dinner together - the last one, for real this time!"

Included: overnight stay, internal flight

Money pot: any extra activities and entrance fees

Not included: meals and drinks

day 10

Goodbye Thailand!

Check-out and goodbye

We have reached the end of this adventure in Thailand: we say goodbye and promise to see you again soon for another WeRoad!

End of WeRoad services. NB The tour program may undergo variations, with respect to what is published, for unforeseeable reasons and external to the will of WeRoad (weather conditions, holidays, strikes, etc.).

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