Victoria Johns

Lives in Weybridge
Visited countries
Travelling has always been in my blood. Born half English and half Polish we moved around a lot as a family when I was growing up and also have Greek and Italian cousins. My first year was spend in Iraq, followed by 8 years living in Egypt, then 4 years in Greece and then finally moving to the UK with my family as a young teenager. I've travelled around most of Europe in my 20yrs and expanded out to Australia, parts of Asia and South America in my 30s. And also at the age of 28 I fell in love with South Africa and packed my bags to move there. I have spend the last 12yrs splitting my time between Cape Town and the Northern Hemisphere. Travel and different cultures excite me. There is so much of it to see. I am a yoga teacher and body worker and have working in the festival industry for over 15yrs.