Silvia Lopomo

Lives in London
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Hello WeRoaders! I am Silvia, I'm 27, and I live in London. I work with creators to develop their ideas and build new strategies for their online businesses. I am also a personal trainer and Brazilian Jiujitsu blue belt - but don't be scared, it's mostly about defence! I am passionate about cooking and making new recipes, but most of my friends want me to stick to a classic Tiramisu at least once a month (apparently is the best they've ever had!). I left my home town when I was pretty young and promised myself: I would explore the world, truly experience diversity, learn people's stories, taste as many flavours as possible, and understand my mission in life... Do you still wonder why I didn't go back to Roma yet? I am eager to share incredible experiences and, once back, hold close to those memories created on the (we)road while keeping a huge smile whenever thinking of them. Now, what about you? Are you ready for some genuine fun?!