Shari Nunes

Lives in London
Visited countries
Hey I’m Shari and like you, I too have a love for travel and meeting new people. And that is what brought me to WeRoad. I was born in Jamaica and I have lived in the UK for 20+ years. This means my preference leans towards no bad vibes and good people. The travel bug bit me unexpectedly when a 3 week trip to Colombia turned into 3 months. This also turned into a love for Latin America which is a good thing but I have challenged myself to see more of the world…and have failed miserably because Latin America has it all. Aw well! Hopefully with WeRoad I will see more of the world. I also appreciate the human connection of a destination as it helps me to be appreciative the big and the small things of life. Whether that be using sign language to get a Brazilian taxi driver to take me to an ATM or getting free snacks on the bus because I smiled with a stranger.