Rosella Selina Gugliotta

Lives in Lincoln
Visited countries
Hi, I’m Rosella, I live in Lincoln, UK, and I can’t wait to be your travel coordinator! I like to be busy and when I’m not working I’m usually out hiking with my dogs, meeting up with friends, or researching my next adventure, and currently squeezing in study for my masters. I rarely have a free weekend! What I love about travel is the diversity of places and cultures, the opportunity to meet new people and broaden horizons (sorry for the cliché!). My favourite trip is usually the last one I went on. I love exploring and I’m gradually ticking the world off my bucket list. I love a good view, sunrises and sunsets, waterfalls, and anything a little out of the ordinary. I love a quirky museum as much as an adrenaline fuelled activity and my favourite way to explore a city is a food tour. I like to pack a lot into a trip and make the most out of the time in that place, but it’s often the little moments in between and the people you share the experience with that really make it memorable.