Radvile Brobliauskaite

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I am the kind of person who cannot stand still and I always want to be involved in everything everywhere all at once - so during the week you'll find me doing functional training, playing tennis, attending dance classes, going for a run (that's my newest addition to the hobby list,any advice is very welcome!), socialising with friends (probably while still doing something active!). And then during the weekend I will most likely be somewhere in the Scottish mountains, acting as if I have seen them for the first time and saying 'Sooo beautiful' every 5 minutes! I have always had the travel bug but I think in the past few years it has been getting out of hand, in the best way possible of course! Whether it is weekend getways to Scottish Highlands, vibrant cities of Europe, or longer trips with packed agendas that almost require a holiday to rest after holiday, I cannot even describe how happy it makes me to experience new places! So I am really looking forward to us experiencing new adventures together if you join my trips :)