Traffic light system, what? Discover the updated International travel rules

Massimo Rugna

Lives in Oxford
Visited countries

Hi peeps, my name’s Massimo and I’m Italian. I can't wait to meet you and be your travel co-ordinator on your next WeRoad adventure, but before that here's a few things you absolutely need to know about me:

  • Yes, being Italian means that I will sometimes make hand gestures you won’t entirely get.

  • If you ever happen to be sitting next to me on a plane, I will always try to steal the aisle seat form you.

  • I tend to take a picture of all the places I visit from a bird's-eye view – I love heights.

Thanks for reading until the end what has been a collection of absolutely pointless info about me. One serious snippet of information coming up – the only one thing you need to know about me is that I love travelling and meeting new people and that's why I'm here at WeRoad looking forward to getting to know you on our trip!