Laura Fanni

Lives in London
Visited countries
Hi you! I am Laura, from Sardinia, Italy (if you have never been there, WeRoad offers amazing trips - you can thank me later!) As a child, I camped around the island and traveled around Europe with my family: Me and my father have once driven from Olbia, Sardinia to Hamburg, Germany in an old Fiat 500 - I felt like a celebrity as everyone would take pictures of us inside a historic car in the motorway! After I finished high school I moved to Germany to improve my German and from there I was invited to move to Orlando, in the US, to work in one of the Walt Disney World Parks, Epcot. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and it allowed me to have short but intense trips to New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, Dallas, the Bahamas and even Cuba! On a trip, I am usually the shameless entertainer who will sing a random song I don't know the lyrics of or create a terrible choreography just to pass a dull moment. I cannot wait to share my next experience with you and - pinky promise - I will not sing in your ears at 5am! Or will I?