Georgina Kiedrowski

Lives in Manchester
Visited countries
I’ve been very lucky to travel to lots of far flung places during my career and have been well and truly nibbled at by the travel bug! I’ve worked on a whole host of popular UK TV shows which have taken me to remote desert islands, arid deserts, glaciers, mountains and more! I absolutely love transporting TV audiences to places they never knew existed through the power of Television, but what I love more is sharing travel in real time! Meeting locals is where I find my wow moments! I’m an absolute foodie and love nothing more than trying out local cuisine. If I don’t know what the food is, I’ll almost certainly order it! Some of my travel highlights have included: Swimming in underwater caves with sea snakes in Fiji! Exploring the ancient city of Petra in Jordan and camping in Wadi Rum. Sleeping in a snow hole on a glacier in Iceland. Meeting communities in Liberia And my guilty pleasure…. Las Vegas! (I’ve been 12 times and on a recent visit, unexpectedly ended up in the company of a 92 year old man after finding him looking lost in Manchester airport! But that’s a story for another time..!!!!)