Francesco Perra

Lives in Bristol
Visited countries
Hi, if you're reading this you can probably call me Fra already😜 I'm Francesco from Italy, I lived in Italy (Sardinia) on and off until 2020 (we all remember that year😭) when I finally moved to UK to work as a Pharmacist. Before that I lived in Hungary, Austria, UK for a bit, Spain (Canary Islands) and Argentina and have travelled as much as I could. Apart from travelling and discovering new cultures, I love exploring nature of all kind, mountains, beaches, wild life, etc 🏔️🏝️ I have a strong passion for old school music and I play the guitar (at least I try eheh). In the last few years I am enjoying Photography, especially portraits and nature. And last but not least skiing and scuba diving when I have the chance :) Of course...I am Italian and I love both cooking and eating. I always say I don't wanna grow older and I try to keep a young soul which is the right fuel for me to enjoy travelling. So, I hope to see you soon on my next trip and to share unforgettable memories together😎🛫🎸🍝🗺️