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It's time for new experiences, cultures, and friendships. With a WeRoad trip, you'll discover the world like never before: We match strangers aged 25-49 and send them on adventures across the world. Just tell us where and when! As a valued employee, you have a special advantage: Enjoy up to £200 / €200 off your dream trip with a simple code at checkout.

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We have communities travelling from the the UK, Spain, Italy, France and Germany. For each country, you can use the code TREATWELL for a discount of up to £200 / €200 off a trip of your choice, depending on the country you are choosing to embark on your WeRoad adventure with!

If you are not from the UK, find your community below!

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How does WeRoad work?

Join the group alone or with friends

WeRoad brings together groups of travellers who don't know each other, but will soon be friends - it's the magic formula for a great adventure!

Choose from more than 50 destinations

Europe, Asia, America, Africa... The world is big, and we have itineraries for all tastes: choose your preferred mood and destination!

Travel in small groups

From 8 to 15 people per group, with the same age group.

The coordinator will be your best friend

All groups are led by a coordinator, who is much more than a leader, they are a great travel companion.

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