Money Pot - What is it?

Everything you need to know about the Money Pot

So, what is the Money Pot?

The money pot is a shared fund in the local currency managed and collected by your Travel Coordinator.

How does the Money Pot work?

The Money Pot is a shared fund specifically for all the extra activities that everyone in the group agrees to do, which are not included in the tour package. It also covers the coordinator's fee for these activities. The amount in the Money Pot can vary from trip to trip, depending on the number of activities and extras the group decides to enjoy. Any leftover money will be returned to participants at the end of the trip. Don't worry, our Travel Coordinators always try their best to get a good deal and make the most of the Money Pot!

Frequently Asked Questions


Accommodation on our tours is in shared bedrooms with your fellow travellers. You will share the room with people of the same gender and there may be situations where you have to share a double bed depending on the destination!

We prefer to offer typical accommodation to stay true to the local culture, avoiding international hotels. Think guest houses, Colombian ecolodges, typical casas in Cuba, ryokan in Japan, tents in the middle of the Moroccan desert, and lodges in Tanzania.

In some destinations our trips will have nights in camping grounds, tents or traditional accommodations. These may have rooms with  more than four people. We believe that in these scenarios, living like a local for a night will make the experience even more unique and unforgettable!

If you would like to have your own private room, most of our trips offer this at an extra cost. You will be able to select this option during check out when you book your spot for the trip of of your choice!

What is the Money Pot and how does it work?

The Money Pot is a common fund collected on the first day of the trip in local currency from all tour participants and managed by the Travel Coordinator, who is responsible for it for the entire duration of the trip.

The Money Pot is only used for the extra activities (not included in the tour package) that ALL members of the group agree to do. Rather than collecting money each time a group payment is required, having a common fund to pull from speeds payments up! It also allows flexibility to choose the extra activities and excursions the group wants to do depending on their desires. 

The Money pot amount varies for each trip and you can find more details by clicking on 'Money Pot? Find out more!' on the trip page you are interested in. The amount has been estimated based on previous groups but can vary slightly depending on the extra activities the group decides to do. As such, the Travel Coordinator may need to request a top up of the Money Pot during the trip if required.

The Money Pot also covers the Travel Coordinator’s costs for these extra activities, BUT the Travel Coordinator will always try to negotiate for their quota to be free or reduced, since a lot of activites  can usually be negotiated as the leader of the group. 

Your Travel Coordinator will clearly communicate and track all group payments so you are fully aware of where your money is going. 

Any leftover money will be returned at the end of the trip and split equally amongst all participants and don't worry, our Travel Coordinators always try and haggle a deal!





Flights to and from your start and end destination are not included in the cost of a WeRoad tour.

In this way, you can choose your favourite airline, departure airport, and arrival time.

A lot of travellers prefer to arrive a few days before the tour start date, or leave a couple of days after the end of the tour. This gives you total control and flexibility! 😉



On our Facebook group you can: 

  • meet other people interested in your desired destinations;
  • find your future travel mates going on the same trip as you
  • discover any new trips we are launching or special promotions available for our community only

Moreover, 15 days before departure, your Travel Coordinator will create a WhatsApp group with all your travel buddies where you can:

  • get to know each other before the start of your trip 
  • share useful information about your trip

Tour Status

We have 6 tour statuses-

  • Planned: The tour you picked is scheduled to depart, but it hasn’t yet reached the minimum number of travellers to be confirmed.
  • Almost confirmed: There are WeRoaders on board, but a few more are needed for the tour to be confirmed!
  • Confirmed: This tour is definitely departing so you can book your flight.
  • Final spots: This tour is almost sold out, so hurry up!
  • On request: The tour is fully-booked, but if you call us, we will try our best to find a spot for you.
  • Sold out: Blimey, you are late! This tour is fully-booked. 



  • If you book at least 31 days before departure, you can pay £100 deposit to reserve your spot on your dream trip. 30 days before departure, you will receive an email to remind you to pay the remaining balance.
  • If you book a tour less than 31 days before departure, you need to pay the full balance on check out to secure your spot. 
  • Klarna is also available on most of our trips.