Luca Ferocino

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Ciao WeRoaders! My name is Luca, I was born and bred in Italy but I have been living in London for over 8 years now. I spend most of my weekdays in the cloud playing with different kinds of geeky technology and a good part of my weekend in the clouds too, but on-board a plane that takes me to my next destination! What about my time on the ground? Well, you will typically find me riding my motorcycle or engaging in all sorts of adventurous activities. I love saying “yes” and trying new things, which inevitably result in extra items being added to my “want-to-do it again” list. My maps are also an ever growing constellation of pins, which makes me ask myself whether there are more places I would like to visit or restaurants I would like to try out. Most of my best memories are from the times I took the uncharted path or stepped outside my comfort zone and from the time spent with those who at some point were strangers and who are now friends. Could you be one of them? Get your backpack ready and I will see you on our next adventure!