Alessia Zulian

Lives in Oxford
Visited countries
It's me, hi! 👋 I am Alessia, an Italian living in Oxford since 2019. During the day I work as a Nurse in an International College and at night I am a National League volleyball player 👩‍⚕️🏐 I have been infected with the travel bug by my parents who decided to take me around Europe on their campervan for all my childhood. I had the chance to experience lots of different cultures and enjoy local food, activities and people. When I was old enough, I packed my bags and moved across the Ocean for 13 months living the American Dream as an AuPair. During those months I traveled to 22 states and checked lots of things off my bucket list. I then finally moved to the UK where I have been able to enjoy amazing campsites and road trips throughout the island. I am a happy human that always sees the positive in every situation, a food & board games lover and a selfie-maniac! I will be taking a thousand pictures - especially the weird ones that make everyone laugh ;) I have a long bucket list of things I want to do and I would love to do them with you on our next trip! Let's chase adventures together ✈️