Go where you wouldn't expect with Vans and WeRoad

Live a real adventure with Vans and WeRoad

You bought some cool shoes, and so far there's no doubt about it. But now let's wear them in equally cool places, and not just to the supermarket on the corner of your street (sad, right?) The Vans you bought should be tested exploring the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan, or by trekking the Rainbow Mountains in Peru, or even by walking on the black beach of Reynisfjara in Iceland.

So. how will you do this? With WeRoad, of course. By purchasing your Vans you have now received a £100 discount to be used on WeRoad trips , so all you have to do is choose where to go, pack your backpack, wear your Vans, and experience a great adventure.

Wait a moment... so how does WeRoad work?

Book your WeRoad

Choose your trip based on departure dates, destinations and travel mood and... book! We have itineraries for all tastes, so you will certainly find one that suits you!

Book your flights

Once you receive the email that your trip is confirmed, book return flights to your destination - no, they are not included in the package, we like flexibility! You choose them, according to your needs.

Join the community

Join our Facebook community group to get to know your future travel companions - the Coordinator will then create the WhatsApp group 15 days before departure!

Enjoy your WeRoad journey!

Share incredible experiences with your fellow travellers, discover the local culture and live every minute to the fullest - you'll probably cry a little when it's time to say goodbye, but that's normal!

You're officially a WeRoader!

Technically, you've made a bunch of new friends - and saying goodbye was hard. But you're a member of our community now! So chat on our socials, attend events, and get ready for your next adventure!