Zakynthos 360°

8 days (7 nights)
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The island of Zakynthos in all its shades: wild nature, relaxation, nightlife and good food - all seasoned with the best company possible. We’ll discover the most beautiful beaches on this Mediterranean island, from Navagio beach with its famous shipwreck to Xigia, where we’ll use the therapeutic properties of water to pamper ourselves. A group trip for those who are looking for the right balance between well-deserved relaxation and incredible views of dreamy places - raise your glasses of Ouzo, we're ready for new adventures!

Travel mood

We’ll be between beaches and the life and culture of Zakynthos. Driving availability is required, the roads are in excellent condition and there are no hotel changes.

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It’s supposed to be a pretty relaxing tour, and all sporting activities are optional.

Grecia 8 days
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Zante Town

Day 1 - details

Round trip flights are not included in the TO Services so that you can choose from where, when, and with whom you want to fly. All of that is up to you!

Check-in at the hotel and welcome meeting. We must try Ouzo, the undisputed star of Greek alcohol, perhaps accompanied by olives and feta cheese. Dinnertime: we can already taste the pita gyros - which will probably be the signature dish of the trip - and then we’ll choose a bar in the city centre where we’ll start off our evening (and our adventure!). 


Blue caves, villages, sunsets

Day 2 - details
Blue Caves

This morning we’ll pick up our cars, and let the real adventure begin: we’ll waste no time in reaching Cape Skinari, the northernmost tip of Zakynthos. Here we’ll be in the rustic part of the island which is still underdeveloped and not often frequented by tourists (which we’ll find further south). We’ll park the cars and walk up to the windmill to enjoy the view of the sea, before heading down to Kothiri to get on a boat towards the Blue Caves, peculiar caves surrounded by incredibly-coloured water.

Loucha & Giri

Upon returning to Kothiri and after a quick lunch, we’ll get back in the car and get to a panoramic spot to enjoy an excellent view of one of the most famous beaches of Zakynthos: Navagio. Colloquially known as the beach of the Shipwreck, due to the shipwreck laying on the beach, this spot makes for a really impressive sight. After pictures, we’ll drive to the mountain villages of Loucha and Giri to explore the surroundings, before finally returning to the hotel to get ready for the welcome dinner. Let’s raise our Ouzo glasses, and toast the start of our adventure!

Included: rental, welcome dinner Money Pot: ferry, petrol, parking fees Not included: food, beverages, entrance fees

Dafni & Banana Beach

Day 3 - details
Beach Day

Another day, another... viewpoint! Today we’ll head south, to the Vasilikos peninsula, and on the way we can't miss out on a stop at the Panagia Skopiotissa Monastery, the oldest church on the island built in the 15th century. From here you can enjoy a 360° panorama of the surrounding landscapes, the lush vegetation, and the Mediterranean Sea, so don't forget your cameras! We’ll then move on to Dafni beach where we can have our first real swim of the trip!

Casa Playa

We’ll have lunch on the beach and then change location, moving to Casa Playa beach to enjoy the sun and sea again. The water is so crystal clear, we won’t be able to resist jumping in. We’ll stay until sunset - and until it’s time to start drinking! Casa Playa is peppered with little bars, so we certainly won’t miss out on the opportunity to have a couple drinks on the beach! This evening we'll also try a few other typical dishes... how about a moussaka?

Included: rental Money Pot: petrol, parking fees Not included: food, beverages, entrance fees

Keri Caves & Marathonisi Island

Day 4 - details
The Greek Sea

Today we’ll have a day in the blue! We’ll board the boat and head for the Keri Caves, which are located on the Marathia Cape, south-west of the island. As well as boasting incredibly beautiful rock formations, they also form the backdrop for our swims: get into your swimmers as fast as possible and dive into the sea! The water is so clear that you might even spot some local marine fauna and, fingers crossed, some starfish.


After a busy day, we’ll get back in time for a nice shower and to enjoy the evening: no excuses, tonight we'll hit the dance floor!

Included: rental, boat trip Money Pot: petrol, parking fees Not included: food, beverages, entrance fees

Xigia 1 e Xigia 2

Day 5 - details
Open air Spa

After a slow start of the day (after all, last night we went wild!) we’ll treat ourselves to a morning of total relaxation: here in Zakynthos there is a beach famous not only for its beauty, but for the therapeutic properties of its water. We’ll go to Xigia, a strip of small white pebbles bathed by a sulphur-rich sea that bubbles up from a sulphurous spring in a cave nearby - a panacea for the skin! We’ll dive into the water and let ourselves be rocked -and pampered- by the waves!

Walking in Zakynthos

In the afternoon we’ll visit Zakynthos Town: torn to the ground by an earthquake in 1953, it was completely rebuilt in impeccable style. We’ll discover the beautiful Plateia Solomou, which overlooks the sea, and then Plateia Agiou Markou, the smallest square and heart of the town. Finally, we’ll climb up to the Venetian castle of Bochali, and from here we’ll enjoy the sunset before returning to the centre, grab a quick bite (did someone say pita gyros?) and resume the party from last night!

Included: rental Money Pot: petrol, parking fees Not included: food, beverages, entrance fees

Navagio & Limionias

Day 6 - details
The Wreck

The second day we saw it from above, today it's finally time to see it up close. This morning, we’ll finally disembark on the beach of the Wreck! We can only reach it by boat, so first we’ll let ourselves be gently rocked into a lull by the boat, before diving into the waves! We’ll spend the morning here and then return for lunchtime - maybe order a nice Greek salad to keep things light?

Deep in the Blue

After lunch, we’ll reach Porto Limnionas, an isolated beach, which is also one of the most beautiful and wild places on Zakynthos. Here we’ll work on our tan or even go snorkelling: the water is transparent so perfect for spotting marine life! In the evening we’ll return to the hotel and get ready once again to experience the island's nightlife!

Included: rental Money Pot: petrol, parking fees, boat trip Not included: food, beverages, entrance fees

Zante Town

Day 7 - details
Beach Time

Last day in Zakynthos! Today we are free to decide how to spend our time: we advise going to the beach to soak up the Greek sea and sun! The beach of St Nicholas is perfect for us, as there is room for everyone: we’ll find a corner to lay our towels and then head straight into the water!

Last Sunset

To end our trip on a high note, this evening we’ll treat ourselves to a truly spectacular sunset: we’ll go to the Keri lighthouse and enjoy the view of the sun melting into the sea (once again, we can't forget our cameras!). Finally, we’ll all meet up for the farewell dinner, the perfect moment to relive the days spent together - and then it's off to the dance floor!

Included: farewell dinner Money Pot: petrol, parking fees Not included: other food, beverages, entrance fees

Zante Town

Day 8 - details
Check out and goodbyes

Time to say goodbye! We’re sure we’ll meet again around the world! ‘Till our next WeRoad adventure :)

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