South Africa: Kruger National Park & the Panorama Route

10 days (9 nights)
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Ready to return to the most primitive and authentic nature? On our group tour to South Africa we’ll see with our own eyes the cycle of life and the rhythm of the savannah, where the animals are the true rulers and we can do nothing but marvel at the beauty and power of the natural world. We’ll spend two days in the Kruger National Park, where we’ll take a jeep safari but also explore the park on foot, hoping to spot the famous Big Five. In Graskop we’ll drive along the Panorama Route, one of the most beautiful scenic roads in South Africa, which opens up to the beautiful landscapes of the Blyde River Canyon, and finally return to Johannesburg, where we’ll see with our own eyes how nature is an integral part of everyday life here. A return to our origins: will we come back changed? We think so.

Mood di viaggio

You’ll need to have a strong spirit of adventure for this tour. It will be a dusty journey and for the whole safari part the roads will not be asphalted, but don't panic, the atmosphere, our guide and the complicity of the group will help you to overcome every small discomfort. Mandatory travel backpack because there are several hotel changes.

Travel difficulty

The trip is not particularly demanding, a minimum of physical effort is required for walking in nature, but all sports activities are optional.

South Africa 10 days
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Day 1 - details
Welcome to South Africa

Roundtrip flights are not included in the TO Services so that you can choose where from, when and with whom you want to fly. All of that is up to you!

Hotel check-in in Johannesburg and welcome meeting. We are in South Africa's most populous city - but beware! It’s not one of the three capital cities, as many mistakenly believe. We’ll meet at the hotel, where we’ll get to know each other and “warm up our engines”. We’ll carry on in the evening with a welcome dinner, during which we’ll sample some local delicacies and toast to the start of our South African adventure!

Welcome dinner included in TO Services.


Day 2 - details
Into the wild!

Let's not get too comfortable with the asphalt and the skyscrapers, today is already time to say goodbye to Johannesburg and dive into South African nature: with an internal transfer we’ll move to Guteng, outside Pretoria (one of the three capitals that everybody forgets!) and we’ll dedicate the day to have a first taste of what awaits us in the next few days. We’ll in fact be able to go to Dinokeng Game Reserve, where we could already go on safari in an open jeep and make our first sightings... will we already have the chance to see the king of the savannah? Or will the sighting of giraffes and elephants be enough?

Into the... cultura locale!

If we’ll want to keep the surprises for the next few days, we could take a full immersion in the local culture by visiting the Ndebele Cultural Village, a village inhabited by the Kwandebele, a local community in South Africa. We’ll be able to see the typical dwellings, decorated in bright colours, and understand the traditions and folklore of these people. Finally, we’ll spend the evening in our lodge, surrounded by nature - which will be the protagonist of our next few days!

Included: minivan with driver Money Pot: entrance fees Not included: food and beverages

Kruger National Park

Day 3 - details
Going to Kruger!

As soon as the sun rises we’ll hear in our head the “aaaaaaazibegnaaaaa” from The Lion King! Today we’ll arrive in the Kruger National Park region, the real reason why we are all here! The hours to reach this immense park are long - about 7 - but we’ll be able to make several stops along the way to admire the African landscape, which becomes increasingly wild and authentic. We’ll arrive at the lodge in the afternoon, ready to take a shower and spend a quiet evening in the middle of the savannah - you guessed it, we will be in close contact with nature again tonight!

Included: minivan with driver Money Pot: entrance fees Not included: food and beverages

Kruger National Park

Day 4/5 - details
Looking for the Big Five!

The big day is finally here: will we be able to spot all five of the Big Five - for the less observant, elephant, lion, leopard, rhino and buffalo? We’ll have two full days to explore the Kruger National Park: on board our jeep and with a local guide we’ll learn the body language of the animals and how they manage to communicate with each other - and with us! - in this primitive and universal way.

Two Days deep in nature

Nature is the master of these two days: we’ll follow its rhythms and those of the animals that inhabit these lands. It will not be uncommon to come across traffic typical of these parts: giraffes or elephants that do give way and cross the road carelessly (after all, it's their home!), or even a lion who has decided to take a nap right where we have to pass. But we are not at all sad to have to stop, but quite the contrary: it’s incredible to be able to admire such beauty from so close up! We’ll enjoy these two days away from the modern world, rediscovering the cycle of life just as it was at its origins.

Included: jeep safari, park entrance, dinner Not included: other food and beverages

Kruger National Park

Day 6 - details
Walking in the Savannah

After two days of jeep safari, this morning we’ll have the opportunity to take part in bush walking, an early morning walking safari to see African nature from a new perspective. Why should we take this tour? Because our guide will take us to places that are impossible to get to by jeep and will teach us how to recognise some medicinal plants and to recognise the footprints left by animals. In short, a little survival course - you never know, maybe in the future we’ll find ourselves lost in the Savannah!

Going to Graskop

After an adrenaline-filled morning - going from the safe jeep to your own legs has a certain effect! - We’ll get back on the road: in the afternoon we’ll get to Graskop, a village near the Blyde River Canyon, an incredibly breathtaking place as we’ll get to see tomorrow. This evening we’ll rest and restore our energy: it has been an intense few days in the Kruger!

Included: minivan with driver Money Pot: entrance fees, bush walking Not included: food and beverages

Panorama Route

Day 7 - details
A very panoramic route

But without a proper on-the-road trip, can we really call it a road-trip? Today we’ll make up for it: we’ll spend the day in the car, driving along one of the most beautiful scenic roads in South Africa - it's no coincidence that it's called the Panorama Route! We’ll leave from Graskop and our first stop is the Mac-Mac Falls, a spectacular waterfall that we can reach with a short walk - perfect for stretching our legs. We’ll then carry on to God's Window: an incredible view opens up before our eyes - the deep, green gorge of the Blyde River Canyon seems to have no end!

Natural Beauties

There are other incredible viewpoints along the way: the Wonder View is the highest viewpoint on the route, the Bourke Luck Potholes are water-carved rock formations that are so perfect they look fake, the Three Rondavels are three quartzite peaks overlooking the canyon - maybe we'll come here for a sunset we'll never forget! We’ll finally return to Graskop for dinner and for spending the evening resting and talking.

Money Pot: transports Not included: food and beverages


Day 8 - details
Back in the city!

Ready to get back to civilization? Today we’ll say goodbye to South African nature and return to the hustle and bustle of Johannesburg: in fact, an internal transfer will take about 4 and a half hours to get back to the city where it all began, ready to enjoy these last two days in South Africa. We’ll take the opportunity of these hours in the minivan to rest and recover our stamina - tonight there are no excuses, we have to go out to explore the city and experience some nightlife! For dinner we’ll try some typical dishes: how does Cape Malay curry sound? To us, it sounds delicious!

Included: a minivan with driver Money Pot: entrance fees Not included: food and beverages


Day 9 - details
Exploring Johannesburg

Last day in South Africa! We have plenty of time to explore Johannesburg and discover more about the culture of this state. We could visit the Apartheid Museum, which is certainly very important for understanding the (rather troubled) history of the South African people or drop by Mandela's house. Many of the activities that can be done in the city are still linked to the natural world, such as the Montecasino Bird Gardens, where you can see birds of the most diverse colours, reptiles and small mammals.

The Last Supper

We’ll end our trip to South Africa with a farewell dinner: it will be the perfect moment to relive the days we have just spent in nature and the emotions we felt while we were away from the world - even if only for two days. Or perhaps it would be better to say that we were much closer to the world and that we’ll return home with just the right amount of Africa-sickness, which is always good for heart and soul?

Included: farewell dinner Money Pot: entrance fees Not included: other food and beverages


Day 10 - details
Check-out and goodbyes

Time to say goodbye! What we shared was unique, and we’ll carry it in our heart for the rest of our life. ‘Till the next WeRoad adventure!

End of services. The itinerary may undergo some variations that differ from what stated above. These variations may not be predictable nor depend on WeRoad’s will, i.e. climate conditions, national holidays, strikes, etc.
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