Sicily 360°: coast to coast road trip in search of paradise

13 days (12 nights)
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This 12-day trip to Sicily truly has it all, literally taking us from coast to coast to discover the wonder of this island. We start and finish in Palermo, filling the itinerary with such incredible experiences that you’ll never want to leave. From trekking up the majestic Mount Etna to travelling along the coast of the Cyclopean Isles to Aci Trezza, this trip will unveil the innate beauty of Sicily. We’ll lose ourselves in the archaic city of Syracuse and its historic centre, Ortigia. Meanwhile, in Vendicari we’ll marvel at the salt pans and flamingoes, and in Noto, we’ll experience first-hand the ancient secrets of Sicily. A much-needed chocolate stop takes us to Ragusa and Modica, while Agrigento boasts the amazing Valley of Temples and the Scala dei Turchi (Stair of the Turks). Since we’re on an island we won’t neglect what the incredible Tyrrhenian Sea has to offer with its whimsical Aeolian Islands. We’ll see it all: Vulcano and Lipari, the Egadi Islands and Favignana, the beaches of Macari and San Vito Lo Capo. During these 12 days, we’ll live and breathe la bella vita Siciliana, with its history, beauty and unparalleled cuisine.

Travel Mood

For this trip, travellers will be asked if they’re willing to drive. We’ll drive every day but at a comfortable pace. We suggest you back lightly (definitely consider a backpack), because we’ll have hired cars, and we’ll want to make sure there’s room for everybody’s luggage.

Travel Difficulty

There’s a lot of driving (about 60 miles/day) but we’ll still be able to enjoy each day to the max. We want to see as much as we can, but at the same time relax and enjoy ourselves: balance is key!

Italy 13 days
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Day 1 - details
Palermo: Welcome to Sicily!

Flights to and from the UK are not included in the package, so you can decide from where and when you want to leave! This gives you complete freedom of choice to adjust your travel itinerary to your needs.

Accommodation check-in and welcome meeting. We start our adventure with an apéritif to break the ice and get ready for our Sicilian tour. The evening also provides the perfect opportunity to whet our palettes for the delicious food that awaits!

Money Pot: admission fees if any Not included: food and beverages

Monreale, Cefalù and Milazzo

Day 2 - details
Our journey begins

It’s time to start our on-the-road journey of Sicily. We say goodbye to Palermo and head for Monreale, an architectural marvel from the Norman period, built entirely around an enchanting Cathedral. We continue exploring the city and its most famous sights, before stopping for lunch and a slice of one of Sicily’s traditional sweet almond treats. Our next stop: Cefalù.

Discovering Cefalù

We spend the afternoon in the town of Cefalù, a UNESCO World Heritage Site on Sicily’s north coast. Unlike the Baroque influence in southern Sicily, the north exhibits Arab-Norman architectural masterpieces (just take a look at the Cathedral of the Transfiguration!). Strolling along the seafront, we admire the views of the water and buildings, where (if we have time) we’ll climb the La Rocca di Cefalù, a cliff allowing breathtaking views.

As the day begins to draw to a close, we head towards Milazzo, from where we’ll catch a boat to the Aeolian Islands the next morning. In the evening we’ll enjoy a dinner together, indulging in more of Sicily’s cuisine.

Included: car rental and welcome dinner Money Pot: gas, tolls and admission fees if any Not included: food and beverages

Vulcano, Lipari and Catania

Day 3 - details
The Aeolian Islands

This morning we leave the mainland (we know Sicily is an island but let’s not get pedantic), and set sail for the Aeolian Islands. Our itinerary for the day is to visit two of them, Vulcano and Lipari. Vulcano, as its name suggest, is a volcanic island possessing incredible and untouched natural beauty. The inhabitants are known as ‘Vulcanari’, and there are fewer than 1000 that live on the island, hence this tiny paradise has remained unscathed by the impact of humanity. The sea calls our name, so we throw on our swimmers and seek out the perfect beach for a dip in the scintillating water.

Two islands in one day!

Why settle for one island when you can visit two? We head to Lipari in time for lunch, salivating over authentic desserts like nacatole and spicchitedda. If we’re feeling up for it, we can even take a detour to Belvedere Quattrocchi (roughly translated as ‘four-eyes viewpoint’), a breathtaking view of the whole island. It’s then time to return to Milazzo, before heading back to Catania where we spend the evening and night.

Included: car rental Money Pot: gas, tolls, and admission fees if any Not included: food and beverages

Excursion to Etna

Day 4 - details
The gentle giant...

Impossible to miss, the horizon of Catania is dominated by her majesty, Mount Etna. We wake early in the morning, grab a brioche and granita breakfast and head towards Etna Park. As soon as we set foot in the park, it’ll be like we’ve arrived on the moon, beginning our ascent to reach the summit craters. The almost Martian landscape boasts an incredible range of colour: we continue to explore the craters before stopping for arancini and Sicilian street food. The Cyclopean Isles!

The afternoon offers room for choice. We can decide together whether to take an off-road trip to the Riviera dei Ciclopi, to admire the coastal cities of Acireale, Aci Trezza and Acicastello. The most picturesque is undoubtedly Aci Trezza, so we’ll spend a bit longer getting to know what it has to offer. The Cyclopean Isles consist of rows of basalt columns piled one above another, emerging from the water with impressive grandeur. Alternatively, we can head down to the Sicilian gem of Taormina, where we can soak up the sun on the beach and watch the sunset over an aperitif. In the evening, we head back to Catania for the night.

Included: Mount Etna excursion, car rental Money Pot: gas, tolls and admission fees if any Not included: food and beverages

Syracuse and Ortigia

Day 5 - details
A step back in time

Today we’re ready for another day of our Sicilian adventure, starting it off with a visit to the historic city of Syracuse. We’re already salivating at the thought of a big bowl of pasta alla siracusana for lunch, a staple dish of the region made with anchovies. After settling into our accommodation, we spend the morning at the Neapolis Archaeological Park where we’ll get a taste of what’s to come in Agrigento. We admire the influences left by the Greeks, immersing ourselves in the ancient history that defines Sicily today.

A stroll around Ortigia

We’ll spend the afternoon wandering the streets of Syracuse and its historic centre, Ortigia. Despite being 2800 years old, Syracuse wears its age well and tells the story of its rich Greek and Roman history. We certainly won’t miss out on a visit to the Duomo, the Greek Theatre and the Fountain of Arethusa, before heading over to the Castello Maniace for the perfect selfie. In the evening we grab a drink and appreciate Ortigia in all its ancient glory.

Included: car rental Money Pot: gas, tolls and admission fees if any Not included: food and beverages

Noto and Vendicari

Day 6 - details
The Capital of Baroque

Today we’re off to explore Noto, a historic city that sits on a plateau overlooking the Asinaro Valley. Noto is often dubbed the capital of Sicilian Baroque and became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002. Entering the city through the Porta Reale (Royal Gate), we’re spoilt for choice in terms of sights. We set our sights on the Church of Santa Chiara, the Cathedral and Palazzo Nicolaci, before finding the perfect spot for lunch!

The Sicilian Natural World

The afternoon we spend in the Vendicari Nature Reserve where we’re greeted by saltwater lagoons, dunes, and beautiful beaches. Flamingos, herons and cormorants are frequent visitors to the reserve as they migrate to and from Africa. We can explore the natural wonders and myriad archaeological sites on foot or by bike if we feel like changing things up! In the evening we return to Syracuse for the night.

Included: car rental Money Pot: gas, tolls and admission fees if any Not included: food and beverages

Modica and Ragusa

Day 7 - details
Weroad and The Chocolate Factory

We have reached the halfway point of our Sicilian journey and it’s almost time to bid farewell to the east coast. Our first stop is Modica, the ‘city of 100 churches’, which is a lot more famous for its delicious chocolate. We of course visit the Chocolate Museum to learn about the culinary art of chocolate making, and where we will get to eat some of that sweet, choccy goodness! Don’t worry, there will be no judgements if you decide to take home a lifetime supply of Modica bars…

The streets of Ragusa

After we enter a chocolate-induced coma, we spend the afternoon discovering Ragusa, another of Sicily’s Baroque gems. The narrow streets of Ragusa Ibla boast 18 UNESCO World Heritage Sites (but who’s counting?), including the majestic Duomo. To make the most of this historic town, we spend the night and find a restaurant to further explore the culinary wonders of Sicily.

Included: car rental Money Pot: gas, tolls and admission fees if any Not included: food and beverages


Day 8 - details
Free time

As we bid farewell to the east coast, we head west towards Agrigento, where, arguably, the most spectacular part of the trip awaits…
The morning will consist of pure relaxation, and we’ll be able to decide which activities we want to do, together. Whether we feel like lounging on the beach, or even renting quad bikes and exploring the surroundings, the morning is our oyster. For lunch, we’ll stop for a traditional and unforgettable meal on a local farm.

In the Valley of Temples

We arrive in Agrigento in the afternoon, where we’ll discover the incredible Valley of Temples. Spanning 13,000 hectares, the Valley of Temples is the largest archaeological site in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. We find ourselves in the core of Agrigento, learning about its Greek origins that date back to 581 BC. We stay here until sunset, exploring the sites as the sun melts behind the horizon, taking breathtaking photos of the views. In the evening we head back to Agrigento where we spend the night.

Included: car rental Money Pot: gas, Valle dei Templi admission ticket, tolls and admission fees if any Not included: food and beverages

Agrigento and Trapani

Day 9 - details
What's next?

We wake up in Agrigento, and spend the morning exploring the surrounding area. We make our way to probably the most famous (and most instagrammable) place here, the Scala dei Turchi (Stair of Turks). There is, however, the risk it might be closed due to too many visits in recent years, so if this is the case it’s onto Plan B: a majestic nature reserve. Our final stop of the day is Trapani, but we’ll have a few hours to fill before then, so suggestions are welcome! We arrive in Trapani for the evening, where we kick back and relax.

Included: car rental Money Pot: gas, tolls and admission fees if any Not included: food and beverages

Riserva dello Zingaro and Macari

Day 10 - details
All aboard!

By now we’re aware of Sicily’s unparalleled beauty, but prepare to be amazed by the Riserva dello Zingaro (The Gypsy Reserve), which is paradise on earth. We explore the protected nature reserve by boat, admiring the limestone rocks as they plunge into the turquoise sea.

Sea and relaxation

In the afternoon we head towards the Macari Gulf, where we’re greeted by crystal-clear water and serene natural beauty. We find a beach to relax on and swim in the azure, picture-perfect sea. A familiar aperitif at sunset, and then we head back to Taormina for the night.

Included: car rental Money Pot: gas, tolls, and admission fees if any Not included: food and beverages

Favignana or San Vito Lo Capo

Day 11 - details
To Favignana...

Good morning Sicily! We’re ready for another day of sea, sun and delicious food, starting it off with brioche and granita of course! Today we have choices: option one is to spend the day in Favignana, the largest island of the Egadi archipelago. The sea here is so clear it offers the perfect opportunity for some snorkelling, where we can discover the secret world under the sea.

... or in San Vito?

Alternatively, if we don't feel like leaving the mainland (we know, it’s an island), we can explore some beaches around Trapani. Closeby we can find San Vito Lo Capo, a strip of pure, beachy bliss. As the afternoon rolls in, we get ready to hit the road; it’s back to Palermo for our final day!

Included: car rental Money Pot: gas, tolls and admission fees if any Not included: food and beverages

Palermo 2.0

Day 12 - details
The markets of Palermo

The time has come to explore the beautiful city of Palermo, where the heart of Sicily beats.

We start in the historic city centre, (another UNESCO World Heritage Site!) admiring its imposing Cathedral and Church of Santa Maria dell'Ammiraglio

Do we scour the city’s markets in search of local produce, street food and Sicilian delicacies - sfincione anyone?

The end of the journey

Staying in Palermo we head to the coast to admire Mondello, one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy (yes, really!).
Nestled between Monte Pellegrino and Monte Gallo, this beach is a seaside Shangri-la, attracting hundreds of VIPs and tourists every year. At just 7 miles from the city centre, we wander up the beach and soak up the sunshine. We make our way to the Vucciria market before preparing for our farewell dinner, where we toast to this incredible adventure we shared.

Included: car rental and farewell dinner Money Pot: gas, tolls and admission fees if any Not included: food and beverages

Goodbye Sicily

Day 13 - details
Check out

Goodbye, Sicily, thanks for having us! We’ll see you at the next WeRoad adventure!

End of services. The itinerary may undergo some variations that differ from what is stated above. These variations may not be foreseen nor dependent on WeRoad’s control, i.e. climate conditions, national holidays, strikes, etc.
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