Sardinia 360°

11 days (10 nights)
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For those looking for the beauty of the Caribbean without the long-haul flight, then we have the itinerary for you! Heavenly beaches, azure waters and delicious food: yes folks, we’re talking about the Italian island of Sardinia! On this trip to Sardinia, we’ll see the island from top to bottom, starting and ending in Cagliari. We’ll admire the most beautiful spots of this Mediterannean gem, from the unique cliffs of Porto Flavia to the nuraghi of Barumini. We’ll be left awestruck by the incredible natural landscapes of Gennargentu, and find ourselves on cloud nine when we hit the beaches of San Teodoro. If this isn’t enough, then just wait until you get to the archipelago of La Maddalena, where we spend a whole day on a boat exploring the cerulean seas. 

Last and certainly not least, we’ll explore Capo Caccia, Alghero and a lot more of the paradisiacal beaches of this incredibly diverse and beautiful island.  

Travel Mood

This is an on-the-road trip: we'll be moving around a lot and sleeping in a different place almost every night .

Travel Difficulty

The physical commitment of this trip is average: there will be some moving around but we will have time to enjoy the days to the max. The pace will be steady, shifting between fast and relaxed, so we can be sure to see everything and still come home refreshed! 

11 days
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Welcome to Sardinia

Day 1 - details

Flights to and from the UK are not included in the package, so you can decide from where and when you want to leave! This gives you complete freedom of choice to adjust your travel itinerary to your needs.

Check-in at the hotel in Cagliari and welcome meeting. An incredible trip awaits, we’ll discover all the hidden gems of Sardinia and we can’t wait to get on the road! Our first evening, however, is all about Sardinian cuisine and getting to know each other! What to try first? Malloreddus, culurgiones or porceddu? We have no doubts what we’ll have for dessert: seadas for everyone!

Meals and beverages not included in tour price.

Porto Flavia and Epic Sea Stacks

Day 2 - details
The Adventure Begins!

It’s an early start this morning, we pick up our rental cars and head towards Masua and Porto Flavia, where we’ll have our first taste of the incredible scenery of this island. We park our cars and get straight to discovering the surroundings, ensuring we don’t miss the famous 1922 mining tunnel of Porto Flavia! We can drive through it, emerging onto a breathtaking view of the Pan di Zucchero sea stack, one of the most famous in this area.

Sardinia or Brazil?

The Masua sea stacks are the highlight of the landscape, dominating the view with their grandiose nature. We can consider taking a boat trip in the afternoon to admire them, while the Pan di Zucchero, literally translating to ‘sugar bread mountain’ will leave us lost for words. Its name derives from its similarity to the Pão de Açúcar in Rio de Janeiro, and the Brazilian vibes can certainly be felt! We then head back to Cagliari, where our welcome dinner awaits! Let's taste some delicious Sardinian cuisine and then, to end on a high note, a good glass of mirto - or even two!

Included in tour price: welcome dinner and car hire. Included in Money Pot: fuel and excursions. Not Included: Food and beverages

Barumini Nuraghi and Orgosolo

Day 3 - details
Among the nuraghi…

Since this is a 360° trip, we’ll also get the chance to discover a bit about Sardinia’s history. We bid farewell to Cagliari and hit the road, as today we’re off to Barumini! The region is defined by the nuragic complex of Marmilla, which is of course, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. ‘Nuraghi’ are ancient conical buildings. We visit the complex to learn about Sardinia’s rich and complex history, because after all, there is more to the island than scintillating seas! We stop in the Barumini area for lunch and, after a decent rest, we’re on our way to our next stop!

... and among the murals!

After lunch we’re straight back on the road, before reaching Orgosolo, a small village in the Sardinian hinterland. It is dubbed the "museum village" because of the murals that adorn the walls of the houses in the historic centre.

Once we get here, we have the afternoon to explore the picturesque streets of the centre, perusing the murals that cover the village. Taking photos is a must, so keep your phones handy! We’ll stay here for the evening and night, keeping our eyes peeled for a local restaurant serving regional specialities.

Included in tour price: car hire. Included in Money Pot: fuel and excursions. Not Included: Food and beverages

Gennargentu and San Teodoro

Day 4 - details
Included in tour price: car hire. Included in Money Pot: fuel and excursions. Not Included: Food and beverages

San Teodoro and its beaches

Day 5 - details
Let's go to the sea!

We might have not noticed but we actually arrived by the sea last night, with San Teordoro sitting on the north-eastern coast of Sardinia overlooking blue waters, and is one of the most famous areas of the region. The summer sees it filled with travellers and tourists flocking to the Caribbean-like beaches with their tempting white sand and scintillating crystal-clear water. The intensity of the turquoise shades will leave the haters insisting it’s photoshop, but we’ll see for ourselves it’s all reality. We’ll certainly enjoy the sea while here, heading towards La Cinta or Cala Brandinchi, AKA Little Tahiti (you’ll see why).

Hello Palau

After finding a secluded corner in this paradise, we set down our towels and enjoy the sun. We’re ready to get a much-needed dose of vitamin D, so we can head back home with a golden tan. We can stay until ‘aperitivo’ time, enjoying the last of the sun with a refreshing beer in hand. Aperitivo is cut slightly short, however, as we need to get back on the road to Palau, which is not in the Philippines but its scenery is certainly comparable…

Included in tour price: car hire. Included in Money Pot: fuel and excursions. Not Included: Food and beverages

The Archipelago of La Maddalena

Day 6 - details
A day in paradise

Ready for the most incredible experience of our trip? We reach the port and board our boat to discover the archipelago of La Maddalena, made up of several islands and islets that are as close to paradise as you can get. We’ll stop off at the breathtaking coves to take a dip, before making pitstops at the islands of Spargi and Budelli, the pink beach, and of course, Cala Santa Maria!

After a day sailing and swimming between the azure islands of La Maddalena, we’re ready to head back to the mainland. On our way we’ll enjoy the sunset at sea - a sight we won’t forget anytime soon! When we arrive on shore, we’ll certainly have our appetites worked up so we’ll decide together what to eat: Salìtu chin bagna bread anyone?

Included in tour price: car hire. Included in Money Pot: fuel and excursions. Not Included: Food and beverages

Capo Caccia and Alghero

Day 7 - details
Capo Caccia

After experiencing paradise yesterday, today we’re off northwest to Capo Caccia, near Alghero, a limestone promontory overlooking the sea. We’ll spend the day here admiring the famous Grotte di Nettuno (Neptune’s Caves), which can be reached by boat or by climbing down 600 steps (which, yes, will need to be ascended on the way back…).

Sunset on the ‘sleeping giant’

We spend the day in the Capo Caccia area, exploring the promontory and the surrounding natural area. The idea is to stay here until sunset, undoubtedly the most enchanting moment of the day - and then move to Alghero for the evening.

An alternative location for sunset is Porto Conte, which has a unique view of Capo Caccia, AKA ‘the sleeping giant’, due to its resemblance to a slumbering colossus on the sea.

Finally we arrive in Alghero, where we find a place to eat porceddu. We already know the perfect place in our heart, but we are always open to suggestions!

Included in tour price: car hire. Included in Money Pot: fuel and excursions. Not Included: Food and beverages

Alghero and its surroundings

Day 8 - details
Meandering through the centre

We take today at a relaxed pace, maybe even have a little lie-in, as we’re on holiday after all! We spend the late morning meandering through the streets of Alghero, finding a little bar for breakfast. We peruse the boutiques and shops, admiring the local produce and artisanal honey, myrtle, cheese and various types of pasta… Souvenir perhaps?

Wine or beach?

We hate to make you choose, but we could either drop by the Sella & Mosca estate for a wine tasting, or check out some of the beaches in the surrounding area. An hour’s drive away will lead us to the famous La Pelosa, which is not only the most famous beach in Sardinia, but all of Italy… Evening will be spent in Alghero, and since last night we had porceddu, tonight we could have fish?

Included in tour price: car hire. Included in Money Pot: fuel and excursions. Not Included: Food and beverages

On the road to Cagliari

Day 9 - details
Rainbow country

Yesterday we recharged our batteries, so today we’re back on the road: our journey is almost over, and it's time to retrace our steps and return to Cagliari. We have several hours of journey ahead so we’ll be sure to include lots of stops along the way! Our first stop is Bosa, a colourful town near the coast where the houses have been painted every shade of the rainbow. We’ll be sure to take a LOT of photos, and even grab breakfast here if we haven’t already! We set off again where our next stop is the beach!

On-the-road Beach

There are several beaches where we can stop on the way to Cagliari, but one we definitely can't miss Is Arutas, where we also stop for lunch.

Other beautiful spots are Piscinas and S'Archittu, famous for its arched rock formations, which are particularly mesmerising when admired at sunset. We arrive in Cagliari in the evening, and settle in the hotel, before seeking out a spot for dinner - have we tasted malloreddus yet? If the answer is no, then we know what to order this evening!

Included in tour price: car hire. Included in Money Pot: fuel and excursions. Not Included: Food and beverages


Day 10 - details
A walk in the centre of Cagliari

Today is our last day in Sardinia, so we drop off our faithful rental cars and do a walking tour of the city’s most famous sights. Our list includes: the Bastion of Saint Remy, the Palazzo Civico, the Cathedral and the Elephant and San Pancrazio Towers. There is, of course, no shortage of sea in Cagliari, so we can even seek out a beach on which to enjoy our last day.

The last Sardinian afternoon

The afternoon is free, so we can decide together what to do; stay on the beach or seek out souvenirs. Either way, this evening we all meet up for our farewell dinner, the perfect time to relive this experience over some delicious food and a toast!

Included in tour price: car hire. Included in Money Pot: fuel and excursions. Not Included: Food and beverages

Farewell Sardinia

Day 11 - details
Check out and Goodbyes

See you at the next WeRoad adventure!

End of services. The itinerary may undergo some variations that differ from what is stated above. These variations may not be foreseen nor dependent on WeRoad’s control, i.e. climate conditions, national holidays, strikes, etc.
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