France: Perfume of Provence

8 days (7 nights)
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Cities caressed by the sea breeze, nature reserves where flamingos enjoy the silence, the scent of lavender and breathtaking views: we are in Provence, ready to discover all the territorial and cultural beauties of this area of ​​southern France. Our road trip goes from the city to the sea, to the inland, in the Plateau De Valensole, to admire the immense lavender fields where it’ll feel like being immersed in a fairy tale. In Avignon we’ll discover the secrets of the only city in the world that hosted the Popes (besides Rome), and then go through Nimes to get to Montpellier, Arles and Marseille, the "French Naples". We won’t miss out on days immersed in natural landscapes, first in the Camargue nature reserve, then discovering the coast in the Calanchi natural park. What’s missing? Good food, good wine, good company: these are the right side for this French adventure. On y va?

Travel mood

This is an on the road trip: we will be moving a lot and we’ll spend almost every night in a different place. For this trip we’ll mostly be in cities and we’ll be walking a lot! One rule: light luggage! Don’t bring anything that might be difficult to move from city to city! 

Travel difficulty

For this trip it is required that you’re available to drive. We’ll hit about 100km a day and spend a couple of hours in the cars, every day. The road will be our best friend so choose the right playlist and get ready to gaze at the beautiful landscapes of southern France!

France 8 days
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Day 1 - details
Welcome to France!

Roundtrip flights are not included in the TO Services so that you can choose where from, when and with whom you want to fly. All of that is up to you!

Hotel check-in in Ibiza and welcome meeting. We just got here but we can already feel the joie de vivre you can breathe in this city, just like in the rest of France. Marseille will already be giving us heartwarming landscapes to which it’s impossible to remain unmoved. Our adventure to discover southern France couldn’t start better!

not included: food & beverages


Day 2 - details
Down with lavender

We’ll give a look to Marseille waking up and we’ll rush to get our rental cars, which will stick with us for the rest of the trip. Let’s take a bite of pain au chocolat to start off the day just right, and let’s hit the road: our first stop today will be Plateau De Valensole, in the heart of Provence, where endless lavender fields rule the landscape. If we’ll be here during the right season, June to August, every area will have its own shade of purple and it’ll leave you speechless. Let’s take a couple of hundred pictures and let’s go for lunch!

The other Rome

After lunch we hit the road again: we still have an hour and a half of checking out the landscape from our car windows, until we will get to Avignon, our last stop for the day. Let’s enjoy the view in front of us until the countryside merges with the city limits -don’t get fooled though, Avignon is a village straight out of a fairy tale! Let’s put down our backpacks in the hotel and take a walk in “the other Rome”. If you took European history in high school you just might remember that this place hosted the Pope for years, and the beauty of this city is to be attributed to that historical period. We’ll enjoy the sunset from St. Bénézet bridge and then move to a restaurant for our welcome dinner: let’s cheers to us and the trip we have ahead!

Included: welcome dinner Money Pot: gas, highway tolls, and entrance fees

Avignone & Nimes

Day 3 - details
A date with history

Good Morning Avignon, good morning Provence! After a croissant based breakfast, we’ll move to Palais de Papes! Yesterday we saw the outside, today we explore the inside! Other than its architectural and artistic beauty, it’s our chance to learn much more about this city in the past, when in 1305 Pope Clement V came here running away from Rome. After a history based morning, we’ll look for a restaurant to have lunch at! Let’s try Avignon’s delicacies, like the daube avignonnaise or the berlinguette.

Ancient Aqueducts

In the afternoon we’ll take it easy; we can stay in the city and discover hidden gems or explore the city limits like the incredible Pont du Gard, an ancient roman bridge that crosses the Gardon river. We’d then move to Nimes, where they hold the famous corrida. For dinner we’ll get to taste a local treat - Bull’s meat!

Included: Rental Money Pot: Gas, highway tolls, entrance fees Not included: food, beverage


Day 4 - details
Walking in Montpellier

Let’s have another early morning to get to the sunny Montpellier, sure that this beautiful weather will hold for the whole day! This city boasts an average 300 sunny days per year, what are the odds we’ll end up here on one of those 65 days? Let’s ignore these thoughts and explore the historical center and the cathedral, said to be the city’s most important historical mark. We have no rush, so let’s enjoy hanging out around until lunch time,

Aquarium or seaside?

In the afternoon let’s carry on this chill rhythm and we have two choices: go to the beach, or go to the aquarium, the former will make us love the sea breeze, while at the aquarium we’d get to see sharks and all kinds of crazy fauna! If we’ll still have time let’s try to visit Les Halles Castellanes, the biggest inner market in the city where you could buy local products and regional delicacies. We’ll then spend the night in the city center, where there are 8 starred restaurants: will we feel like investing in great local cuisine? The choice is ours!

Included: Rental Money Pot: Gas, highway tolls, entrance fees Not included: food, beverage


Day 5 - details
Deep in nature

Our on the road trip carries on! After another pain au chocolat based breakfast, let’s hit the road and leave Montpellier. In about an hour we’ll get to the Camargue region, a magical place where water and the sky meet. In this area of ​​France we’ll find the largest salt flats in the Mediterranean that create incredible plays of reflections with the sky and the surrounding landscape. A nature reserve among the most beautiful in France, home to more than 500 different species of birds: we’ll go as far as the sea and, once we arrive, we’ll take our time to enjoy this spectacle of nature. Let's sharpen our eyes: around here there are also flamingos and seeing them will be the icing on the cake!

Van Gogh City

We’ll have lunch in the park - yesterday we’ll surely have got some crazy good food at the market for today’s lunch! Let’s take a nap, lulled by the noise of the wind on the water, and then move to Arles, today’s last stop. We’ll get there in about 20 minutes, let’s take our time to drop off our luggage, and then we’ll go explore the city where Van Gogh spent his last years. We’ll look at the roman amphitheater and then we’ll go to the Van Gogh Café, where it’s said the artist had a discussion with Gauguin that brought him to cut his ear. For dinner let’s taste a local Paella, and then we’ll spend our night in the city center.

Included: Rental Money Pot: gas, entrance fees, local transports Not included: Food and beverages

Parc National des Calanque

Day 6 - details
A dive in the blue

Time to go back to Marseille… but not for long! If it were summer, from May to September, we’d leave behind the noise of traffic and markets and get on board a boat, ready to discover the hidden wonders in the Calanchi natural park. An uncontaminated stretch of coast, where nature has really given its best: our tour will take us all day and it’ll make us explore these imposing white limestone cliffs. Even the sea in these parts is no joke: the water is crystal clear and inviting so, if the season is the right one, it won't take long to feel the desire to take a dip to cool off!

Boat or no boat, the rest of the day is dedicated to pleasure and relaxation. We’ll move out of the city to go for a wine tasting tour! We’ll return to Marseille in the evening, where we’ll go back to the La Panier neighborhood to spend the evening.

Included: Rental, wine tour Money Pot: Gas, boat trip, highway tolls, and entrance fees Not included: food, beverages


Day 7 - details
French Naples

Marseille is called the "French Naples", and not randomly: Marseille is chaotic, noisy, the markets are full of shouting vendors, the traffic is incessant and never seems to sleep. In a word: Marseille is full of life. Despite being a full-fledged part of France, this city maintains its autonomy as well as its personality - of which it’s quite proud. We’ll begin to explore it from its most famous neighborhood, La Panier, which is none other than the historic center. Renovated from 1983 to this day, this area of ​​Marseille has seen a real renaissance and today reflects the most artistic part of the city. We’ll stop here for lunch, with the feeling of really being in Naples - minus the pizza, which we won’t find!

Last night together

You can choose how to spend your afternoon; we can choose different points of interest to visit, first of all the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de la Garde, which dominates Marseille from above. Or perhaps it is better to come here at sunset, to enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the city. In the meantime, we could take a leap to another cathedral, La Major, consisting of two cathedrals, the New (open to visitors) and the Ancient (unfortunately for us, it’s not open to visitors). Quick visit also to the Le Corbusier district and then we’ll take some time to make ourselves ready: tonight we’ll have our goodbye dinner, followed by drinks in one of the bars over the sea. Long story short: it’s the evening we deserve!

Included: farewell dinner Money Pot: Local transports, entrance fees Not included: food, beverage


Day 8 - details

Time to say goodbye: bye-bye France, bye-bye fellow travelers! ‘Till our next WeRoad adventure!

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