Cyclades 360°

8 days (7 nights)
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A group trip to explore the Small Cyclades, which will include Naxos, Koufonissi, Schinoussa and Iraklia. During these 8 days we will immerse ourselves in the paradisaical, postcard-worthy Greek sea, soaking up as much vitamin D as possible! On our group tour we’ll discover how the Cyclades boast not only azure waters, but precipitous coastlines and a rich history etched into the architecture. If you’re looking for relaxation coupled with adventure (we’re thinking an epic boat trip), then this is the trip for you. What are you waiting for? Grab your backpack and join us!

Travel mood

Four islands in nine days means relaxing without getting bored. We’ll move by ferry with just the bare essentials, exploring secret coves and endless beaches with our swimsuits, sunglasses and curiosity. Using a backpack is strongly recommended since we will change hotel five times.

Travel difficulty

The tour will be based on relaxation and exploring nature, therefore it won’t be difficult at all!

Greece 8 days
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Welcome to Naxos

Day 1 - details
Let’s get to know each other!

Flights to and from the UK are not included in the package, so you can decide from where and when you want to leave! This gives you complete freedom of choice to adjust your travel itinerary to your needs.

Hotel check-in and welcome meeting. The first afternoon in Greece will be spent in the ancient streets of Kastro, a magical, medieval village where time stands still. The evening we’ll whet our appetites with the wonders of Greek cuisine, letting our taste buds discover the complex flavours, colours and nuances of Greek food. We’ll wash it down and raise a toast with a traditional glass of retsina; a staple Greek wine.

Welcome dinner included in TO Services.


Day 2 - details
Ammos Beach

We start off our second day with a boat trip to the island of Koufonissi. Secluded sea caves, scintillating, turquoise lagoons, and azure-domed houses pepper the fabled villages of this incredible island. We arrive at the accommodation, drop our bags and throw on our costumes; it’s time for the first dip of the trip!

We head towards the Greek paradise of Ammos Beach, where we lay down our towels and dive into the cerulean sea. If Ammos is too crowded, there is always a (just as beautiful) plan B, Finikas Beach. A slice of heaven, Finikas is larger than Ammos, allowing us all to enjoy our beach day in peace. In the evening, we’ll head back to our accommodation and get ready for the welcome dinner and our impending Greek adventure, Yamas!

Money Pot: local transportation Not included: beach stuff rental, food and beverages

Boat Tour to Schinoussa

Day 3 - details
Kastello and Feidou Beach

Ready for a boat tour? Today is all about exploring the smaller islands of the Small Cyclades. Our day begins at the Koufonissi port, where we prepare to set sail for the horizon. The first stop on our tour is Kastello Beach where we take a dip in the crystal-clear water, before moving onto the slightly wilder and enchanting island of Schinoussa. Here we’ll spend an hour or so at Feidou Beach, which will allow us just enough time for a swim, before continuing our beach crawl to the island of Iraklia. We’ll set up at Alimia Beach, where our only concern will be working on our tans and cooling off in the azure water; not bad for day three, right?

Our appetites are certainly worked up by this point, so we return to Schinoussa for lunch on Tsigouri Beach. The largest beach on the island, Tsigouri will provide our base for the rest of the afternoon, since it has something for everyone. Areas to top up our tan, shady corners for a snooze, and a bar for a refreshing beer between dives. We return to Koufonissi at around 6pm, so we’re ready for an apéritif while watching the sunset. Making the most of the evening, we grab dinner in a traditional Greek restaurant and hit the bar afterwards for a cocktail.

Money Pot: local transportation Not included: beach stuff rental, food and beverages

Koufonissi Beaches

Day 4 - details
Exploring Greek paradise

Today is also all about the beach and sea. Staying in Koufonissi, we make our way to the sandy strip of Fanos Beach via the little, colourful, fishing boats. Arriving on Fanos Beach is like stepping into a painting; you’ll get it when you see it, we won’t spoil the surprise! Towards midday, we’ll take refuge under the tamarisk trees that provide a welcome shelter from the sun during the peak hours of the day.

We leave Fanos to explore the small, but deep rock pools that offer the perfect opportunity for a dive. Following a small path, we find ourselves at the azure seaside of Pori, another small and striking beach lined by precipitous cliffs. The water is so blue, you won’t believe your eyes, so we stay here until sunset with a cold beer in hand.

Money Pot: local transportation Not included: beach stuff rental, food, and beverages

Back to Naxos

Giorno 5 - details
A dose of culture

It’s time to say goodbye to Koufonissi and go back to where our journey began, Naxos! We take the morning easy: catch our ferry, find our accomodation and settle in. For lunch we seek out a traditional tavern to refuel for the afternoon, enjoying baked feta, Greek salad and delicious gyros.

No sea today, but only because Naxos has so much else to offer! After lunch, we’ll visit the ancient temples, photograph the famous mills (there are about 130 of them), and admire the whimsical churches. We’ll continue our tour with a visit to the distilleries, before meandering through picturesque villages in search of souvenirs. Finishing the day on a high, we enjoy an aperitif in Apiranthos, the ‘marble village’, built on the slopes of Mount Fanari. The view over Naxos is breathtaking, offering us a panorama of Greece in all its glory.

Money Pot: local transportation Not included: beach stuff rental, food, and beverages

Naxos Beaches

Day 6 - details
Life's a beach

There are still 2 days left to enjoy the sea and beaches of Naxos, so let’s get right to it! When it comes to beaches we are truly spoilt for choice, but amongst the most impressive are Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna and Kastraki Beach. There is certainly enough time to enjoy all three, so the question remains: which one do we start with?

The enchanting Kastraki Beach is located in the south of the island, and although it only has one bar, it is the perfect place for basking in the sun and escaping the crowds. If we’re feeling a little adventurous, we can even go to the Pyrgaki dunes to enjoy almost absolute solitude.

Money Pot: local transportation Not included: beach stuff rental, food, and beverages

Free Day

Day 7 - details
The choice is yours!

It’s our last day in the Small Cyclades, and although we’re not ready to go back to reality, we make the most of our final day. This is our Free Day, meaning any ideas are welcome, and together we can decide how to spend it! We can spend the day lounging on the beaches of Naxos, or take a catamaran to explore the secret coves only accessible by sea… The choice is ours!

One thing’s for sure, however, we’ll certainly sink our teeth into some delicious food. We’ll fill our hearts and stomachs with moussaka, pita gyros, Greek salad, tzatziki, souvlaki and fresh fish over lunch and dinner. Our farewell dinner will be the perfect time to reflect upon the past week, bidding farewell to each other and the magic of the Cyclades.

Money Pot: local transportation Not included: beach stuff rental, food, and beverages

Farewell Cyclades

Day 8 - details
Until next time...

It’s time to say goodbye… So, we’ll see you at the next WeRoad adventure!

End of services. The itinerary may undergo some variations that differ from what is stated above. These variations may not be foreseen nor dependent on WeRoad’s control, i.e. climate conditions, national holidays, strikes, etc.
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