Cyprus 360°

8 days (7 nights)
Nature and Adventure 50%
Monuments and History 50%
Relax 40%
City and Culture 60%
Party & Nightlife 40%

How can we adequately describe the island of Cyprus? A delicate recipe of Greek and Turkish influences, that colour its paradisiacal backdrop and tempt travellers from every corner of the globe. This tour takes us from Larnaca with its breathtaking mosques to the gods of Mount Olympus, before immersing ourselves in the pastoral Eden of Nicosia, an incredible capital city straddled between countries. Our tour continues with Famagusta, the ghost district of Varosha, the tourist hot-spots of Ayia Napa and Nissi beach. This is truly a trip that has it all, without having to travel too far.

Travel mood

Travel between beaches with full immersion in Cypriot life and culture. Driving is required and the roads are in excellent condition. The only thing to remember is that you have to drive on the right!A backpack is required as space in the car is limited, and there are 5 accommodation changes during the trip.

Travel Difficulty

Very little physical exertion is expected, the treks in the Troodos Mountains are optional and the level of exertion is up to the individual participants.

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Day 1 - details
Welcome to Cyprus!

Flights to and from the UK are not included in the package, so you can decide from where and when you want to leave! This gives you complete freedom of choice to adjust your travel itinerary to your needs. 

Check-in at the hotel in Larnaca, and the welcome meeting. Let's start our trip to Cyprus on the right foot; we came here to disconnect from our jobs and connect with our earth, so let’s raise a glass (or two)!

Car hire included in the price.


Day 2 - details
Aphrodite's Rock

We came all the way here for one reason, and one reason only: to enjoy the sea and sun on these incredible beaches!

We jump in our cars and drive to Paphos, on the east coast of the island. We take a pit stop at a very special beach that is rumoured to be the birthplace of Aphrodite, so unsurprisingly much of the nature that surrounds this heavenly beach is named after the god. The ‘Rocks of Aphrodite’ watch over the inviting azure waters, which we’ll be sure to take a dip in!

Spiaggia o castello?

In the afternoon, we’ll decide together whether we want to continue relaxing in the sun, visit the Coral Bay and swim in the blue, or visit the ancient Paphos Castle. Dating back to the Byzantine Empire, the Paphos Castle was demolished and rebuilt several times during the different occupations of the island. Tonight is our welcome dinner, and a great chance to discover the colourful flavours of Cypriot cuisine!

Included: car hire. Fuel and entrance fees included in Money Pot. Not included: drinks and food, sun bed hire.

Troodos Mountains

Day 3 - details
Kykkos Monastery & Mount Olympus

After yesterday’s relaxation, today we unleash our inner explorer. We hit the road in search of the Kykkos Monastery about 2 hours away. An incredible, breathtaking building that boasts intricate decor and a myriad of delicate golden mosaics. The building oozes Byzantine influences, and its majesty and prestige can certainly be felt.

The Mountains of the Gods

After lunch we head to Mount Olympus, cradled in the Troodos mountain range, an ideal stop to slip into some hiking boots and explore nature. There are several hiking trails catering to all levels, so we can decide together which one we’re up for. Either way, we’re guaranteed to encounter streams, waterfalls and even salt lakes, and by evening we’ll have reached our next stop; Nicosia.

Included: car hire. Fuel and entrance fees included in Money Pot. Not included: drinks and food.


Day 4 - details
A Divided City

Nicosia is a very interesting city: it is the only capital in the world still divided into two separate regions, marked by a military fence called the "Green Line." The southern region is the capital of the Republic of Cyprus, whereas the northern region is the capital of the Republic of Northern Cyprus, which is, in fact, only recognised as such by Turkey. This morning we immerse ourselves in the city, noting the oriental and European influences from the various occupations of the island (Greek, Venetian, Ottoman, English and Turkish, in case you were wondering...). We walk to the centre, marvelling at the Venetian walls that surround it, before entering the Ottoman caravanserai. We then arrive at the Selimiye Mosque (also known as the Cathedral of Santa Sofia).

More Beach!

Midday comes, so we’re careful not to miss out on the Dervishes' dance. An incredibly fascinating spectacle in which mystical dancers from an Islamic school reach a state of trance as they perform. We hit the road again to Nissi Beach, where we can spend the afternoon lounging on the beach, before finding a secluded spot for an aperitif at sunset.

Included: car hire. Fuel and entrance fees included in Money Pot. Not included: drinks and food, sun bed hire.

Beach or Famagusta?

Day 5 - details
Beach or Explore?

Early wake-up because we have decisions to make! How will we spend the day? Option 1: lounging on the beach in the sun, or option 2: day trip to Famagusta. In Famagusta, influences of the island's occupations can be seen everywhere - especially the Lala Mustafà Pasha Mosque, which was originally the Cathedral of St Nicholas, built in the late 1200s.

We then make our way to a very special district, Varosha (or Varosia), which is in fact a ‘ghost district’, as it was left abandoned and empty following the clashes between Greeks, Turks and Cypriots.

Until 1970, the area was very popular amongst tourists, but after the Turkish army invaded the district, tourists avoided the area due to risks that came with the Turkish occupation. Since the 70s, very few have dared to return, so it’ll be incredibly fascinating to see the gutted buildings and the skeletons of houses frozen in time. Fun fact; one species has managed to make this eerie and turbulent district home: sea turtles!

Included: car hire. Fuel and entrance fees included in Money Pot. Not included: drinks and food, sun bed hire.

Kapparis Beach

Day 6 - details
Crystal-clear waters

After yesterday’s ghost town adventure, today we seek out somewhere a little more inhabited… Kapparis Beach! Crystal-clear waters, Cape Greco National Forest and the sun; is there a better combo? We can opt for a spot of trekking to discover more breathtaking scenery like the Kamara tou Koraka bridge, before stopping for a picnic overlooking the sea.

Cape Greco

In the afternoon we can continue to explore Cape Greco (it’s worth it!), and wait here for the epic sunset, or go back to Nissi Beach and have a refreshing aperitif on the shore. One thing’s for sure, tonight our dancing shoes go on! We’re off to bars and clubs to discover the region’s famous nightlife.

Included: car hire. Fuel and entrance fees included in Money Pot. Not included: drinks and food, sun bed hire.


Day 7 - details
Back to Larnaca

We return to Larnaca for our last day on Cypriot soil. Today’s agenda is to discover the most interesting spots of the city, including the Salt Lake, Hala Sultan Tekke mosque which also includes a mausoleum, a minaret and a cemetery. The Larnaca Castle is another sight not to be missed, a medieval fort built at the end of the 14th century and which embodies all the different occupations of the island.

Ultime ore a Cipro!

The afternoon is free: we can meander into the centre in search of souvenirs or enjoy our final evening on the beach. It’ll be hard to resist the colour of that sea… Tonight we have our farewell dinner, a chance to relive this past week together!

Included: car hire, farewell dinner. Fuel and entrance fees included in Money Pot. Not included: drinks and food, sun bed hire.

Check-out and Goodbyes

Day 8 - details
Home Time

Time flies when you’re having fun: see you soon for another WeRoad adventure!

End of services. The itinerary may undergo some variations that differ from what is stated above. These variations may not be foreseen nor dependent on WeRoad’s control, i.e. climate conditions, national holidays, strikes, etc.
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