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Stefano Pampuri

Lives in Milano
Visited countries
What's up WeRoaders!

I'm Stefano, 38 yo, a professional traveler at your service!

I've cought the travel bug in 2000 when I spent the entire summer working in the Cyclades in bars and clubs. That was the starting of my passion and I was never able to stop! 
The highlight was an 18-month trip in South  America that ended just a couple of years ago. 
I am slow traveler that loves to get in contact with local cultures and people. If you'll join me in a tour you're gonna see me talking with everyone, eating all the local food, chatting with every old lady to better understand customs and traditions!  

I'm into nature, zoology, outdoor sports but also into history, parties and culture. But what enriches me the most is the chance to know different cultures, talking to people and experience the local life. 

Of course I prefer to do that in good company, so don't hesitate and travel with me! :)