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Simone Bedin

Lives in Altavilla Vicentina
Visited countries

I have immortal longings in me” is not just a phrase from Shakespeare, but among my tattoos, the one that represents me the most. I am 39 years old, I am from Venice area but I used to live in England for a while. Yes, I have always been attracted by the Anglo-Saxon culture and attitude. In fact many years ago, my passion for travelling and the desire of discovering everything outside the borders of my village began during an Interrail in Great Britain.

I'm lucky to have a job that often takes me on a trip and if you include the holidays, I don't see my sofa very much. Outdoor sports, local cuisine and a good beer to taste are always part of my ride.

I am constantly ready to get involved to a new journey!

So what? Get out of your daily comfort zone, put a lot of curiosity in your backpack, and let's travel together…