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Mattia Villa

Lives in Novara
Visited countries

Hello everyone, I am Mattia from Piedmont. I’m 35 years old and my backpack and passport are always ready!

Travelling is and has been my passion since a young age.

While other kids were busy reading comics or coluring, I was playing around with my atlas and maps!

After completing my degree in Geography and Tourism and immersing myself in hospitality roles abroad, it was clear to me that this was my path and therefore I became a full time Tour Leader.

Life is too short not to chase your dreams!

When I am travelling I love to taste every bit of the country I’m in and venture off the beaten track. I strongly believe this is the difinitive difference between a tourist and a traveller!

I love nature and any sort of outdoor activity, especially when they involve lots of adrenaline!

My backpack is ready… do you want to come with me? :)