Traffic light system, what? Discover the updated International travel rules

Maria Brenta

Lives in Milano
Visited countries

Travelling to discover places near and far has always been part of my life, with my father I travelled all over the Mediterranean Sea when I was just a child and the World, so big and colorful, spoke to me about freedom and lightheartedness! It happened back then that, for the first time, I felt that magical feeling that fills you up when you are alone in the middle of the World and reaches your heart.. and from then, long story short, Hey! Let's GO!! 

As soon as I got the chance I moved abroad, starting from London which is till my heart home, to New York and Los Angeles! I loved to spend a month driving around all Morocco and then Mexico which is still one of my favorite places in the World. I sailed around the magical costs of Turkey and Greeks Islands on the wooden made sailboat that my grandparents built back in the days.. wild!! 

Basically I just can't stand not having my backpack on the shoulders!! What about you, ready to go?