Traffic light system, what? Discover the updated International travel rules

Laura Moreno Ferre

Lives in Almeria
Visited countries

Hello adventurers!

I am Laura from Almeria and I have the pleasure of being a coordinator at WeRoad. I love to undertake, innovate and of course travel. I studied Leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation which allowed me to live in different countries such as Finland, the USA, China and India where I have developed business projects. This has allowed me to get deeply into other cultures and meet wonderful people. In addition to my entrepreneurial trips I have traveled to more than 20 countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Morocco, Russia ... My key to traveling is to feel local and not a tourist, I am a person with a very good sense of humor, very sociable and also to say that I love to dance.

I really want to continue discovering the world with WeRoaders and live unique experiences. Are you ready?